Me and My Team


As we’re still getting to know one another, I thought it would be a good time to introduce “My Team”.

Each member brings their own skills and expertise to the operation (sort of!) and I couldn’t do what I do without them.


We’ll start with Will,  my Son, who you have briefly been introduced to.  William is the one thing in my life I feel I have got right and I am so incredibly proud of the young man he is becoming.

Will intro

At 9 years old and completely obsessed with Minecraft,  he is always willing to help me in the garden as long as it doesn’t involve, worms or spiders.  We are planning for Will to have his own area of the garden as he is keen to grow his own salad, fruit and veg.  I look forward to sharing his endeavours with you!


My long suffering Husband of 11 years. Not remotely interested in gardening, but is a dab hand at loading up the van with all the garden waste I have produced and taking it to the tip.  Although, in all honesty, I don’t think he is entirely happy about doing it, he loves me enough to help with the heavy lifting and hard digging.  I am still waiting for him to remove a Laurel tree from the garden, but that is a different story for another time 😉

Trist intro

Trist pretty much allows me to plan and design the garden as I want to and has spent many an hour listening to my latest idea with regards to either my business ideas or garden design thoughts.  Bless him.  Would be lost without him (just don’t tell him!)

My Mum

My ‘Partner in Crime’ when it comes to Gardening.  We both enjoy spending time pottering around our gardens and both have a keen interest in plants.  Our joint passion of gardening has brought us closer together and she is the one person I can rely on when I am not feeling myself.  No one understands me better than her!

Mum Intro.jpg

We both believe that our passion for Gardening comes from my Grandad, my Mum’s Dad.  Unfortunately he died when I was only 11, but EVERY SINGLE memory I have of him is in the garden.


My Mum inherited his greenhouse after he died and even though one hasn’t been used in the greenhouse for 20+ years, you can still smell the paraffin from his heater when the door has been closed for a while.  It’s nice to think he smiles down on us whilst we are working in there.


I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this member of my team.  He spends hours outside with me and never leaves my side whilst I am sowing seeds or sieving soil.

Spot Intro

We have had Spot since he was 5 months old and he is someone I can talk to all day and he never answers back lol!  He loves being outside with me and never complains come rain or shine!


The miserable, but sensible one of the team.  Will happily join us outside if the sun is shining, but if there is even a threat of rain – you’ve got no chance!


We got Dotty about 4 years ago as a Rescue and she is so stuck in her ways, there is no changing her.  On a Sunny day she can be found sprawled out in the dirt, catching some rays.


Our newest recruit!  We got Bella on Halloween 2015 and she is a little cutie.

Bella Intro

Having not experienced a season in the garden with her yet, I am unable to comment on her usefulness, but I am sure updates on her progress will follow!

So that’s us, Team BloominBootiful!

Spot & Bella

My Garden Project


So as well as trying to start a new business, I am also in the throws of trying to completely re-design my own garden.

We moved into a new property in May this year and I inherited a garden which was obviously loved and enjoyed at some point, but unfortunately the previous occupier was an elderly lady with mobility problems who hadn’t done any maintenance to it in 4 years!!

On the day we moved in, the garden looked like this:

At first glance, it doesn’t look too bad, but then I started to walk round and things didn’t appear quite as they might seemed.  Apart from the lawn, the ENTIRE garden was full of Muscari bulbs (more commonly known as ‘Bell Hyacinths) .  I kid you not, 95% of the beds in the garden were full of these bloody things and they had literally been allowed to multiply to staggering proportions.  They were growing through the hideous crazy paving, through the bed walls and even through other plants!

You’ll notice that there is a pylon leg in my garden, not remotely offensive to me as I grew up opposite one and I don’t even notice them any more.  The area underneath the pylon was just a jungle of weed and bramble with one very sorry looking Peonie that was literally being strangled by weed and Muscari.  The Clematis and Honeysuckle that was growing up the pylon looked in pretty good nick… from a distance….. but up close it was obvious that the centres of both of these plants were dead and hadn’t been pruned back for years.

The Laurel tree that was planted on the only south facing wall of the garden (Why???) had grown to epic proportions and was taking over a huge area.  The centre of it was mostly dead and the number of dead and decaying leaves that were constantly falling off it confirmed this.  I also had Sparrows nesting in there so knew, I would have to wait for the babies to leave the nest before I could do anything about it.  On the subject of birds, hanging off the pylon was a rickety, old bird box.  After a couple of hours of mooching round the garden, I was blessed to find that there was actually a family of Blue Tits living in there.  I love Blue Tits, such a gorgeous little bird with bags of character 🙂

On walking round I noticed that parts of the stone wall looked a bit loose and on closer inspection found that every single stone wall in the garden was loose and there wasn’t any type of bonding material used in any of it.  Where the Muscari bulbs had spread, they had pushed parts of the wall off balance and the whole thing was now in danger of collapse!


The pathways and steps were all overgrown and the whole garden just felt so neglected.  With a pen and notepad in my hand, I started writing a list of all the jobs that needed doing so I could at least tidy it up a bit to see what I was actually dealing with.  Or that was the original plan…..

Looking around the garden and seeing what other few plants there were in there, I tried to envisage what my predecessor was trying to actually achieve with the garden.  Apart from the Muscari, the only other plants I could find were an ill-placed palm tree (!), a mixture of purple and yellow Aquilegia, which had obviously been allowed to self seed due to the randomness of the places they were popping up, a trailing Geranium situated at the back of one of the beds, several fuscia’s which were way past their best, and a rather depressing looking Sedum, a couple randomly planted Lamb’s Ear plants and a scattering of Violet which was doing nothing to help with the collapsing wall situation and a struggling Euonymus.  That was it.  These plants were dotted around the garden and not really serving any purpose or making any impact at all.  Oh!  I almost forgot the Christmas Tree.  Yes, there was a dead Christmas Tree in a pot, left for me to admire also.

So, after a bit of time in the garden, I thought it best I start helping unload some of the furniture and belongings from the removal van, although to be fair, my heart wasn’t in it and I was already itching to make a start on the garden.  Due to the fact I didn’t want a domestic on my first weekend in our new home, I summoned the willpower from somewhere to refrain from any sort of gardening activity until after the weekend (we moved on a Friday).

Once Monday morning came, I sprang out of bed at 5:00am, did all the necessary housework and took my Son to school.  By 8:45am I was in the garden and on a roll.  With no Husband or Son to distract me, I was a woman on a mission!!  By the end of the first day, I had started to rip out the crazy pathing and was making inroads on the grass and Muscari that had been growing through the (rather large!) gaps.

My Husband’s first reaction was “I guess I am going to the tip then”.  Little did he know, this would be the first of about 30 journeys to the tip – oops!