Nothing Occurring :(

I am still waiting with baited breath and my fingers crossed that something germinates from the following seeds in the next few days. ¬†They are all well within their ‘germination window’ and as yet, nothing is occurring ūüė¶

You’ll notice some familiar Nemesis’ in the list below – GRRR!

DELPHINIUM Blue Bird 110516


DIANTHUS Kiwi 110516


ERIGERON Azure Fairy 110516

ERIGERON Azure Fairy

ERIGERON Profusion 110516

ERIGERON Profusion

PLATYCODON Blue Pygmy 110516


SWEET PEA Soulful 110516





Nursery Update at BBHQ

Things have been rather manic here at BBHQ and I apologise for not updating you sooner.

The warmer (and drier) weather has been playing havoc with some of the plants, yet others are simply thriving!

My hands feel like leather, are full of callouses and I have broken 8 out of 10 nails, but the plants are looking great!

So, what’s occurring? ¬†Well, the¬†ANTIRRHINUM ‘Liberty Classic’¬†and¬†‘Tom Thumb’ varieties are doing extremely well in their 40 cell tray homes.

ANTIRRHINUM Liberty Classic 080516

I have these advertised locally for £5 per tray as I could not fathom for the life of me how on earth I could post these.

The¬†ASTER ‘Duchess Yellow’ plants that I have been concerned about for months have done me proud. ¬†After transplanting them from 40 cells into 9 cm pots a couple of weeks ago they are doing REALLY well and are looking fabulous (apart from that one on the right ;))

ASTER Duchess Yellow 080516

I’m chuffed to bits with these as at one stage I genuinely thought I was going to lose the lot.

The¬†CLEOME ‘Rose Queen’ I potted up last week (not sure if I mentioned this) have gone off like a rocket and are looking great in their new 9 cm pot homes.

CLEOME Rose Queen 080516

I had intended to grow these and sell them as plug plants, but when I realised that they can grow to 150 cm tall, I thought it best to give their roots a chance to ‘ground’ in a deeper pot to aid stability as they mature. ¬†These will be going onto eBay in the next couple of weeks.

The¬†BIDENS ‘Golden Eye’ have gone mad in the last week or so. ¬†Having never grown these before, I am chuffed to bits with how they are looking right now.

BIDENS Golden Eye 080516

These are a great perennial and I will be selling these on eBay once they fill into their pots a bit more.

The¬†ECHINOPS ‘Ruthenicus’¬†are growing a bit slower than I would like, but nevertheless, they are finally coming along now.

ECHINOPS Ruthenicis 080516

Having never grown these before from seed, it has been a bit of a pleasing experiment.  Once I am happy with their growth, these will be placed on eBay also.

The handful of¬†OSTEOSPERMUM ‘Akila Mix’ I managed to germinate are slowly coming on now.


I will be keeping these to collect seeds from for next year, sorry guys, it’ll be another 12 months before any of these are available for sale.

The¬†CAMPANULA ‘Carpatica Blue’¬†are also finally looking fabulous. ¬†I sowed these from seed last Autumn and by the end of the Winter, I have to confess they weren’t looking like they were going to come to much. ¬†I’m not sure the wet and mild winter we had did them any favours to be honest.

CAMPANULA Carpatica Blue 080516

Once I am happy with their sizing and quality, these lovely perennials will be going onto eBay.

Onto¬†ANCHUSA ‘Blue Angel’ which if I am honest, aren’t looking as great as I would like them to. ¬†Their roots are coming along beautifully, but I think they need an extra couple of cycles of feed to perk them up a bit.

ANCHUSA Blue Angel 080516

Once I am happy with them, these stunning perennials will be going on eBay.

The¬†PRIMULA ‘Denticulata Mix’, TRADESCANTIA Mix¬†and¬†SEDUM ‘Spurium’ all finished their first cycle on eBay and have all become ‘too big for their boots’ so I have re-potted them into 1 Litre pots.

These will all be going back on eBay once their roots systems fill out adequately in their new homes.

The¬†DAHLIA’S are finally on the move. ¬†I was getting ¬†little worried to be fair, and thankfully apart from the one I mentioned in a previous post, there has been no further damage from the frost.

DAHLIAS 080516

I currently have¬†‘Decorative Mix’, ‘Cactus Mix’ and ‘Dinner Plate mix’ in stock. ¬†Some of these will be going onto eBay.

The¬†CALIFORNIAN POPPY ‘Golden West’ which I transplanted into 9 cm pots a couple of weeks ago are thriving.

CALIFORNIAN POPPY 'Golden West' 080516

Once they fill out a little more, they will also be going onto eBay.

And finally, NEMESIA ‘Poetry Mix’. ¬†These have been grown outside all winter and are now full hardy.

NEMESIA 'Poetry Mix' 080516

They are filling out beautifully and should be on eBay in the next 10 days.

Don’t worry, this isn’t everything….. another update to follow ūüôā


After my “Complete Disaster” post of yesterday, I wanted to quickly update you on the state of some of the plants.

There was no coming back from any of the POPPIES, but after putting the rest of the plants outside yesterday and watering them 3 times and with the magic of rain from an epic thunderstorm, there is now hope!

HELIANTHUS Autumn Time 080516


LAVATERA Trimestris 080516

LAVATERA Trimestris

MARIGOLD Durango 080516

MARIGOLD Durango Mix

PANSY Giant Fancy 080516

PANSY Giant Fancy Mix

So pleased I haven’t lost them all!!

Complete Disaster!!!!

Yesterday, the tunnel got up to 48 degrees.  Now baring in mind, I had watered everything the night before and in the morning, yesterday afternoon I found the following in the tunnel.

MARIGOLD Durango Mix

MARIGOLD Durango 060516.jpg

Dried to a crisp, genuinely not sure if any of these are salvageable.



HELIANTHUS Autumn Time 060516

Look completely destroyed, again, don’t think they’re going to survive.


PANSY Giant Fancy Mix

PANSY Giant Fancy Mix 060516

These are the ones I spent hours pricking out last weekend, gone.


PAPAVER Seriously Scarlet

PAPAVER Seriously Scarlet 060516

These are so destroyed, there is literally no sign of them in the tray any more.


PAPAVER ‘Candyfloss’

PAPAVER Candyfloss 060516

At least with this batch, I can still see evidence of death!


LAVATERA Trimestris

LAVATERA Trimestris 060516

I am hoping to salvage SOME of these, but I have lost the majority.

To say I am angry and disappointed is an understatement, but I can’t let it get to me (although to be honest, at this point I do feel like giving up on everything).

I had both doors open on the tunnel, but the warm air and sun just got the temperature up to such epic proportions that the plants simply baked as though they were in an oven ūüė¶

Trying Something New

After my post last week about the poor germination rates I was getting from some seed varieties, a number of people suggested that I try a different compost to see if that makes any difference.

Now my compost of choice for the last couple of years has been Homebase Multi Purpose and on the whole I have always been really pleased with it. ¬†For the first time in ages, I have bought a bag of B&Q Multi Purpose and I have to say that my first impressions are that I’m quite impressed.

It’s a lot finer than I remember it being and it is going through the sieve an absolute treat! ¬†I can already tell there will be a reduction in ‘waste’ compared to the Homebase one and if the seeds I have sown with it perform well, I have a feeling this could be my new ‘go-to’ compost.

As I had mentioned previously, I had been really disappointed with the germination rate of the¬†MARIGOLD ‘Durango Mix’. ¬†Now the problem I have at the minute is that the polytunnel is already fit to bursting and because of the impending ‘cold snap’ we have blowing our way in the next couple of days, I am reluctant to leave any tender plants outside over night just yet so, I am desperately short of room.

In order to reduce space needed, I sowed 3 seeds into each cell of a 40 cell tray.  With the germination rate being so poor previously, I am hoping this is a smart decision and as long as I get any resulting seedlings out before they all entangle, I think this may have been a smart move.

So, I have 2 x 40 cell trays potentially able to produce 240 seedlings (we live in hope!) These were self harvested so I know the germination rate isn’t going to be spectacular, but my fingers are crossed that this little experiment pays off.

Next, I sowed 1 x full size seed tray of¬†PANSY ‘Giant Fancy Mix’. ¬†This will be my last sowing of these last year so I went all out in the hope that this new compost will help germination.

PANSY Giant Fancy Mix 220416

As you can see, I got as many seeds into this tray as I possibly could.  They are now safely in the tunnel, covered with a propagator!

Now, I am not the sort of person to give up easily when it comes to growing things from seeds and what with having an EPIC FAIL with both of my varieties of ERIGERON, I have decided to give them another shot.


I have re-sown a tray of both¬†‘Azure Fairy’ and¬†‘Pink Jewel’. ¬†Fingers crossed this will work. ¬†They are also now both safely tucked away under propagators in the polytunnel.

Germination this week :)

I am guessing it must be the several successive days of sunny and warm weather that has triggered it, but germination in the tunnel has really taken off this week! 7 varieties this week ūüôā

ZINNIA ‘Hot Mix’

ZINNIA Hot Mix 160416



SUNFLOWER ‘Teddy Bear’

SUNFLOWER Teddy Bear 160416

HELIANTHUS ‘Autumn Time’

HELIANTHUS Autumn Time 160416

PAPAVER ‘Seriously Scarlet’

PAPAVER Seriously Scarlet 220416

RUDBECKIA ‘Gloriosa Daisy Mix’

RUDBECKIA Gloriosa Daisy Mix 220416

COSMOS ‘Versailles Tetra’

COSMOS Versailles Tetra 220416

Go Me!!!

Polytunnel Tidy Up!

The plan for today was to prick out 2 trays of¬†ANTIRRHINUM ‘Liberty Classic’ and one tray of¬†ANTIRRHINUM ‘Tom Thumb’.¬†With the weather forecast suggesting we were in for a day of monsoon rains, I thought it best to find something to do inside.

On walking into the tunnel, I looked around and suddenly realised, that I had no room left and although the¬†ANTIRRHINUM’S were currently located in just 3 full sized seed trays, by pricking them out I was going to easily produce about 12 trays worth of seedlings!!

The polytunnel this morning:

See, I wasn’t exaggerating – NO MORE ROOM!!!

So, Plan A was cast aside and I started on sorting out the polytunnel.

After a couple of hours of sorting out the plants which were now ready to go outside and having a general shuffle round, it looked like this ūüôā

All the plants now have a safe (by which I mean Bella protection!) and easily accessible place to grow.
Outside Nursery 1404162

Outside Nursery 140416

I have managed to create enough space for another 25 trays so that should keep me going for a while!