Searching for cello tape!

Rooting round the back of a cupboard this morning trying to find a roll of cello tape and found these little beauties!!

Dec Seed Find

What a result!!  All in date and some not even opened, Merry Christmas!!


50 Shades of Brown!

The title of this blog post is exactly the same description I use when people ask me how my garden is looking at the moment.  The word “swamp” is also another – Grrr!

The weather has been wet and windy again of late and what with Christmas preparations and family stuff, I haven’t had a chance to get my wellies on and get stuck in which is driving me mad!

On the plus side, Will and I have had a chance to have a sit down with the veggie catalogues and choose some seeds to sow for next year.  Problem is, we have both gotten a little carried away and I think we are planning enough to fill a 10 acre field so once Will breaks up from school (8 days!!) then we’ll go through it all again.

He is adamant however, that we grow the following:

Beetroot, Multicoloured Mix



Radish, Bright Lights Mix

Radich Bright Lights

Peppers, Sweet Spectrum Mix

Peppers Sweet Colour Spectrum

These are all things we eat on a regular basis so am more than happy for these to be grown however, I think these choices are more to do with colour than anything else!  They will look great on the plate though!

Gloom & Veg Planning!!

So after a fabulous few days of making lots of progress and cracking on with jobs, I have woken up today in such a foul mood and for no reason I can think of.  Indeed, at one point I was feeling so angry over nothing, I honestly thought I was going to spontaneously combust!!

It’s taken all morning, but the gloom has finally started to lift and I am able once again to start thinking and planning for the future!


On a completely different subject;

Whilst preparing my beef stew this morning, I opened my pack of ‘stewing vegetables’ from Sainsbury’s and was met with this miserable sight:

Sainsburys Veggies

All of the veg looked like it had been ‘rolling round in the bread bin’ for about a fortnight and nothing looked or indeed, felt very fresh.  I thought to myself, Will and I could do better than that!

I have dug out my Vegetable Seeds catalogues and after school, Will and I plan to sit down and decide what we would like to grow next year.  I will keep you posted!