Even More Sowing!!

With the ‘window’ of spring sowing closing rapidly and with my quest to completely stress myself out, fill the tunnel beyond capacity, take on more than one person can possibly manage and just for the sheer love of it, I have been sowing more seeds 🙂



Following my complete and utter failure with the last batch of DELPHINIUMS I was given a packet of these seeds and asked if I wanted to try and grow them.  Being a glutton for punishment my response was “Hell Yeah!” Fingers crossed the results of these will be better!!


SWEET PEA ‘Soulful’

SWEET PEA 'Soulful'

Love SWEET PEAS and I am growing these for Mum 🙂


ERIGERON ‘Profusion’

ERIGERON Profusion

Yes another ERIGERON variety.  These are apparently a completely different beast to the ‘Azure Fairy’ and ‘Pink Jewel’ I am currently attempting to grow for the second time this year.  Think positive thoughts!!!


NEMESIA ‘Carnival Mix’

NEMESIA Carnival Mix

I am a fan of NEMESIA and have grown several varieties before, but never these ones. I love the colour mix!


SUNFLOWER ‘Peach Passion’

SUNFLOWER Peach Passion

When they promise to look like this, what more of an excuse do you need to sow these???  Can’t wait, they look  gorgeous!!


Plants from Mums

As mentioned in a previous post, I had finally brought back all the plants I had at Mums.

I completely underestimated just how many were still there and there was nothing for it, but to crack on and see what I could do with them.

First up, PRIMROSES.


I had completely forgotten about this as they were tucked away at the bottom of the garden (along with MANY other things) and even though they haven’t had any special treatment, they have done really well on their own.  These were cuttings that were taken from plants already in Mums garden.

PRIMROSE 2204162

After sorting through the viable plants I was left with 15 healthy (if not a little small in some cases) lovely plants 🙂

Next were BELLIS ‘Perennis’.  Now, I already have 57 of these in stock (!!), but I still managed to get another 14 viable plants out of what I brought back.

BELLIS Perennis 240416

You know me, always room for one more 😉

The next job was going to be A LOT trickier.  I knew these were at Mums, but due to the amount of plants I already have in the tunnel, I had been putting off picking them up – big mistake!!  I sowed these CALIFORNIAN POPPY ‘Golden West’ back in September 2015 and had basically left them with Mum ever since.  Bless her, she has watered them every day and kept reminding me that they were getting big, but I had sort of put them to the back of my mind.

CALIFORNIAN POPPY Golden West 240416

Look at the size of them!!!!  It became apparent almost immediately with the plants being as big as they are, trying to tidy them up to sell as plugs was pointless so after checking the final growing sizes of the plants, I decided to pot them directly into 9 cm pots.

CALIFORNIAN POPPY Golden West 2404162

I am hoping that this will give them the best chance to look their best.  I managed to get 104 plants out of these trays 🙂 Now I just have to write out all the labels!!!

Next were the two varieties of AQUILEGIA that I had completely forgotten about.  I am unsure of their exact variety, but I know they were sown from seeds taken from Mums garden and one lot was ‘Yellow’ and the other was ‘Purple’.  I know this because the labels said so 😉


After giving them all a good tidy up and deciding to keep them in their 9 cm pot sizes I salvaged 50 x ‘Yellow’ and 39 x ‘Purple’

There were about a dozen whose labels had gone astray so I will wait until I can identify them properly before counting them.

Next was a couple of trays of ASTER ‘Starlight Scarlet’. You may remember from a previous post that I have not been all that successful in my quest to grow ASTER’s before and this kinda seals the deal for me 😦

ASTER Starlight Scarlet 240416

I transplanted the 6 (yes 6!!) seedlings I had and planted them into 9 cm pots.  These were purchased seed so I am more than a little disappointed with their germination rate – GRRR!

ASTER Starlight Scarlet 2404162

They’re healthy enough, just a little small.  I may put these into a nice big pot and use them for seeds next year.

Next was OSTEOSPERMUM ‘Akila Mix’. Now, these were self harvested seed and I had harvested them at the wrong time so I wasn’t holding out much hope that they were going to come to anything.


Thankfully, 4 little seedlings have germinated to I have potted them up into 9 cm pots and I think when they are more established I am going to keep these in a big pot on my patio and keep them for seeds for next year.

OSTEOSPERMUM Akila 2404162

They grow quite large so they’re going to look great in my container garden 🙂

And that was my Sunday in the polytunnel 🙂

Germination this week :)

I am guessing it must be the several successive days of sunny and warm weather that has triggered it, but germination in the tunnel has really taken off this week! 7 varieties this week 🙂

ZINNIA ‘Hot Mix’

ZINNIA Hot Mix 160416



SUNFLOWER ‘Teddy Bear’

SUNFLOWER Teddy Bear 160416

HELIANTHUS ‘Autumn Time’

HELIANTHUS Autumn Time 160416

PAPAVER ‘Seriously Scarlet’

PAPAVER Seriously Scarlet 220416

RUDBECKIA ‘Gloriosa Daisy Mix’

RUDBECKIA Gloriosa Daisy Mix 220416

COSMOS ‘Versailles Tetra’

COSMOS Versailles Tetra 220416

Go Me!!!


Apologies, this is a retrospective post as I have been so busy that I just haven’t had time to update blog properly until today (I have a funny feeling today could be my highest blog posting day for a while!!)

Wednesday morning, I woke up to a sky looking like this.  Taken at 07:00 am I haven’t seen the sky look this blue in a long time and it was wonderful.

Garden 200416

So, armed with a weather forecast that said it was going to be a day of blue skies, sunshine and light winds, I decided it was high time that I went round to Mums and collect all of the outstanding plants she had been looking after for me (both business and personal) so, bless her, she could finally get her garden and greenhouse back.  I have been sporadically bringing plants back so I knew there couldn’t be that much left there, surely!

How wrong I was.  It took me 2 car journeys to bring everything back to BBHQ.  By the time I had finished, my clean and tidy patio area looked like this!!!

Patio 200416Patio 2004162Patio 2004163

Having the luxury of warm sunshine on my back, I decided instead of just staring at the sheer volume of plants I now had on my patio, I had best find homes for most of them.

By the time I had put all of the plants in the tunnel that needed attention (it might be prudent to mention at this point that I had actually forgotten that there were 100+ AQUILEGIA plants in 9 cm pots hiding in a temporary greenhouse at Mums!!), the tunnel now looked like this 😦

No room ANYWHERE (again!!!)

So with stress levels sky-rocketing due to the sheer volume of work I now had to deal with, I am pleased to say my patio area is looking quite lovely now that I have even more pots to play with 🙂

Patio 2004164

New Germination :)

I have 3 varieties of seedlings this week which have done the decent thing and have decided to germinate 🙂

RUDBECKIA ‘Rustic Dwarfs Mix’

These were sown back on 29th February and I was starting to think that they were ‘going the way of the Dodo’, but perseverance and patience have paid off and we finally have signs of life.

RUDBECKIA Rustic Dwarfs Mix 150416


These were only sown on 8th April so was really shocked to find the first germinating seedling already.

CHRYSANTHEMUM Sunshine Mix 150416

PAPAVER ‘Candyfloss’

Again, these were only sown on 8th April and I can’t quite believe how many are up already.  I am concerned however, how tightly packed in they are and am already having nightmares about pricking them out as PAPAVERS’ don’t like root disturbance at the best of times – gulp!

PAPAVER Candyfloss 150416

Polytunnel Tidy Up!

The plan for today was to prick out 2 trays of ANTIRRHINUM ‘Liberty Classic’ and one tray of ANTIRRHINUM ‘Tom Thumb’. With the weather forecast suggesting we were in for a day of monsoon rains, I thought it best to find something to do inside.

On walking into the tunnel, I looked around and suddenly realised, that I had no room left and although the ANTIRRHINUM’S were currently located in just 3 full sized seed trays, by pricking them out I was going to easily produce about 12 trays worth of seedlings!!

The polytunnel this morning:

See, I wasn’t exaggerating – NO MORE ROOM!!!

So, Plan A was cast aside and I started on sorting out the polytunnel.

After a couple of hours of sorting out the plants which were now ready to go outside and having a general shuffle round, it looked like this 🙂

All the plants now have a safe (by which I mean Bella protection!) and easily accessible place to grow.
Outside Nursery 1404162

Outside Nursery 140416

I have managed to create enough space for another 25 trays so that should keep me going for a while!