Blooming at BBHQ

If the promise of buds wasn’t exciting enough, the nursery is now full of lovely colour 🙂

Here’s what is currently in bloom:

ANCHUSA Blue Angel 090616

ANCHUSA Blue Angel The issue I had with the aphids obviously wasn’t a problem for these little beauties!

ANTIRRHINUM Liberty Classic 090616

ANTIRRHINUM Liberty Classic These are really taking off now!

CALENDULA Fruit Twist 090616

CALENDULA Fruit Twist What a fab range of colours!

CALIFORNIAN POPPY 'Golden West' 090616

CALIFORNIAN POPPY Golden West Looking fab!!

CALIFORNIAN POPPY Jelly Beans 090616

CALIFORNIAN POPPY ‘Jelly Beans’ Have never grown these before and I LOVE the range of colours they have bloomed with

DIANTHUS Deltoides 090616

DIANTHUS Deltoides Really coming on a treat now

DIANTHUS Panda Mix 090616

DIANTHUS Panda Mix Love these – grow them every year!

GERANIUM Joy 090616


Hydrangea 090616


MARIGOLD Durango Mix 090616

MARIGOLD Durango Mix Some survived!!!

POTENTILLA Miss Willmott 090616

POTENTILLA Miss Willmott Just the one flower so far



Bin Bag 090616

Even my bin bag is blooming 🙂


In Bud at BBHQ

Peeps, I am so sorry that I haven’t updated for a while, ‘life’ has just got in the way a bit.

So, there is some EPIC catching up to do as anyone with greenfingers knows, things really get a wriggle on in the garden at this time of year.

I wanted to start with an update on what is just coming into bud in the nursery.  I love this stage of a plants’ development because you’re on the cusp of receiving your rewards for all the nurturing you have been doing.

So, here’s whats currently ‘in bud’

Campanula Double White 090616

CAMPANULA ‘Double White’ An enormous bud on this!!

Gaillardia Burgunder 090616

GAILLARDIA ‘Burgunder’ So close!!!!

Geranium 090616

GERANIUM I bought these Geraniums as a ‘mix’ lot so it makes it even more exciting that I won’t know what variety it is until it blooms 🙂

Hemerocallis 090616

HEMEROCALLIS Highland Lord These buds are HUGE!

Hemerocallis 0906162

HEMEROCALLIS Daring Deception This plant is covered in buds 🙂

Shasta Daisy 090616

SHASTA DAISY Alaska Look at the size of that!!!

Zinnia Starlight 090616

ZINNIA Starlight Rose Small, but perfectly formed!!

Plants on eBay 12/05/16

The last couple of days has been about getting all of the plants I have ready to go back onto eBay.

I’ve even surprised myself just how many varieties I currently have available so, here’s a list of everything that has gone on today:

eBay Page Link

Antirrhinum ‘Tom Thumb’ 40 plugs

Aster ‘Duchess Yellow’ 9 cm

Bidens ‘Golden Eye’ 9 cm

Campanula ‘Double White’ 9 cm

Campanula ‘Carpatica Blue’ 9 cm

Cleome ‘Rose Queen’ 9 cm

Dianthus ‘Deltoides’ 9 cm

Echinacea ‘Pow Wow Wild Berry’ 2 Litre

Euphorbia ‘Fireglow’ 1 Litre

Geranium ‘Derrick Cook’ 1 Litre

Hemerocallis ‘Fooled Me’ 2 Litre

Nemesia ‘Poetry’ PINK 1 Litre

Nemesia ‘Poetry’ PURPLE 1 Litre

Papaver ‘Miss Piggy’ 1 Litre

Penstemon ‘Vesuvius’ 2 Litre

Poppy ‘Golden West’ 9 cm

Potentilla ‘Miss Wilmott’ 9 cm

Potentilla ‘Monarch’s Velvet’ 9 cm

Primula ‘Denticulata Mix’ 1 Litre

Rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’ 2 Litre

Sedum ‘spurium’ 1 Litre

Shasta Daisy ‘Alaska’ 1 Litre

Tradescantia ‘Mix’ 1 Litre

That’s a total of 23 varieties!!!



Apologies, this is a retrospective post as I have been so busy that I just haven’t had time to update blog properly until today (I have a funny feeling today could be my highest blog posting day for a while!!)

Wednesday morning, I woke up to a sky looking like this.  Taken at 07:00 am I haven’t seen the sky look this blue in a long time and it was wonderful.

Garden 200416

So, armed with a weather forecast that said it was going to be a day of blue skies, sunshine and light winds, I decided it was high time that I went round to Mums and collect all of the outstanding plants she had been looking after for me (both business and personal) so, bless her, she could finally get her garden and greenhouse back.  I have been sporadically bringing plants back so I knew there couldn’t be that much left there, surely!

How wrong I was.  It took me 2 car journeys to bring everything back to BBHQ.  By the time I had finished, my clean and tidy patio area looked like this!!!

Patio 200416Patio 2004162Patio 2004163

Having the luxury of warm sunshine on my back, I decided instead of just staring at the sheer volume of plants I now had on my patio, I had best find homes for most of them.

By the time I had put all of the plants in the tunnel that needed attention (it might be prudent to mention at this point that I had actually forgotten that there were 100+ AQUILEGIA plants in 9 cm pots hiding in a temporary greenhouse at Mums!!), the tunnel now looked like this 😦

No room ANYWHERE (again!!!)

So with stress levels sky-rocketing due to the sheer volume of work I now had to deal with, I am pleased to say my patio area is looking quite lovely now that I have even more pots to play with 🙂

Patio 2004164

Temporary Container Garden

After an atrocious morning of rain, snow and strong winds, I genuinely didn’t think I was going to be able to get into the garden today to get anything done.  However, thankfully by 10 am the sun was out, the breeze had dropped so everything began the somewhat slow process of drying out.

I had mentioned earlier in the week that I wanted to turn the patio area into my ‘temporary garden’ for this year as there was no way I was going to be able to complete all of the re-design I wanted to do before the Autumn so that is what I have been doing today.

I have salvaged the majority of my ‘big pots’ from the top of the garden and have been methodically going through them, tidying them up.  Some of them were in a right state, infested with weed and some even had bloody MUSCARI bulbs growing in them!

First pot to be inspected contained a PHLOX ‘Classic Cassis’.  This has a beautiful pink flower which looks great and blooms for quite a long time.

PHLOX Classic Cassis 160416

As you can see, this was infested with grass, muscari and other little weeds that had decided to call this pot their home.  After tipping the pot out and tidying it up, I was left with a healthy tidy plant and a nice pile of weeds!


Next was PHLOX ‘Peppermint Twist’.  I am currently selling some of these on eBay and is a plant I really like.  The flowers remind me of ‘old school’ sweets!

PHLOX Peppermint Twist 160416

This plant didn’t look too bad and to be fair, there wasn’t much in the way of weeds once I had finished tidying it up.


The next pot contained what I thought was 3 LIATRIS ‘Spicata’.  I love these plants for adding height to the back of the border and their upward spires add great architectural presence to the garden.

LIATRIS Spicata 160416

Once I turned the pot out, it became apparent that there were no longer 3 bulbs in here any more and 2 had in fact moulded away to nothing over the winter 😦

The soil literally just collapsed into the sorting tray and after a good dig around I was able to salvage one lonely, but very healthy looking bulb with plenty of growth!

Putting a single bulb into a 10 litre pot seemed ludicrous, so for the time being, I have popped it into a 9 cm pot whilst I decide what to do with it.

LIATRIS Spicata 1604164


HEMEROCALLIS ‘Entrapment’ was next.

HEMEROCALLIS Entrapment 160416

Not too much in the way of weed growth in this one so, for once, a pretty simple tidy up!


Next was what I can only assume was a very weed infested HEMEROCALLIS ‘Fooled Me’.  I say ‘assume’ as the label had disappeared somewhere, but I know I had one potted up and all the others are labelled.

HEMEROCALLIS Fooled Me 160416

Some serious weed growth in this one (!!), but to be fair, they all came out pretty easily.  I was however, left with quite a pile in the sorting tray afterwards!


Now. this next pot was far more interesting and I need your help to identify something I found within it!!  The main plant was my last variety of Day Lily HEMEROCALLIS ‘Daring Deception’.

HEMEROCALLIS Daring Deception 160416

Looking remarkably weed infested I tipped the pot out to find 2 ‘mystery plants’.

Mystery Plant 160416

Before I tipped the pot out I thought that this pot had grown a ‘super weed’, looking at one of the plants above (the one on the right) the roots are still formed into the shape which would exactly fit a 6 pack bedding tray.  Now I NEVER buy annuals so this is obviously something I have grown last year, stuck in this pot and it has somehow survived the winter.  I have racked my brains as to what it could be, but I just don’t recognise the structure of the plant or the leaves.  Any ideas??  Here’s what they look like potted up if it helps???!!

Mystery Plant 1604162


Next I found another (!!) PHLOX ‘Peppermint Twist’.  Now, I know I am fond of this plant, but can’t for the life of me think why I kept 2!

PHLOX Peppermint Twist2 160416

There was a decent amount of weed in this one, but again, it was pretty easy to sort.


Next is a plant that I ‘salvaged’ from the garden when I started digging it up.  Now, I could’ve sworn this was a GERANIUM, but looking at the plant now and its’ leaves, I’m not convinced.  Any ideas?


This pot appears to have turned into a MUSCARI Hotel and was full of the bleeding things!  A rather impressive pile of weeds left over, but the plant had a lovely healthy root system and lots of new growth 🙂

I also gave a quick tidy up to the PEONY I re-potted in January, whose growth has shot up in the last couple of weeks 🙂

PEONY 160416

I cannot wait for this to flower as it is truly bootiful!

And that was as far as I got today with the re-potting.  I still have a few more to do which I am hoping to crack on with tomorrow, but at least for now, my new “Temporary Container Garden” has something in it for me to play with 🙂

Patio Garden 160416

eBay Discounts for Followers!

Okay peeps, I have 2 lots of plants currently on eBay which are beautiful, about to come into full bloom and are basically about to get too big for the packaging I have for them if they don’t sell in the next few days.

These are:

3 x 9 cm AUBRIETA ‘Blue’

3 x  9cm AUBRIETA ‘Red Cascade’

AUBRIETA Red Cascade 030416

As promised, all discounts are being offered to my “followers” first.  I have not reduced the price on the eBay listing, but if you would like any of these plants (currently 2 of each available) at a reduced price of £6.99 instead of the listed price of £8.99, please purchase through eBay in the usual way, put “WPBB”in the Order Details and request an invoice, I will send you one with the discounted amount on.

Thanks for following!

A is for Antirrhinum!

After yesterday’s polytunnel reshuffle I was back to the original Plan A of pricking out the ANTIRRHINUM’S this morning.

First up was ‘Tom Thumb’A really pretty dwarf variety.

ANTIRRHINUM Tom Thumb 150416

Now if you had read my post last week on ‘pricking out seedlings‘ you would have seen me mention that it was best not to let the seedlings get too overgrown before you attempt to prick them out.  As you can see from the following picture, I had left these a little too long and they were a bit of a mare to untangle!

ANTIRRHINUM Tom Thumb 1504162

However, I persevered (there were a few curse words!) and managed to get 200 very healthy looking seedlings out of this first tray.

ANTIRRHINUM Tom Thumb 1504163

They look great and I was really pleased!

Next was a tray of “Liberty Classic”.  A standard height ANTIRRHINUM in a full mixture of colours.

ANTIRRHINUM Liberty Classic 150416

These were slightly smaller seedlings so thankfully their roots hadn’t had time to completely entangle 🙂

I managed to get 320 (!!) again, very healthy looking seedlings out of this one tray.

ANTIRRHINUM Liberty Classic 1504162

It’s a good job that I cleared some space in the tunnel yesterday as my efforts this morning have resulted in 13 trays worth of seedlings going in there!!