The Queen of sieving and seeds!

I awoke this morning to a “Severe Weather Warning” from The Met Office warning of impending monsoons in the Worcestershire area.  Apparently from 03:00 am Saturday until 06:00 am Sunday, we were going to be deluged with rain.  This was my view at 11:00 am this morning:

Garden 090116

I feel like all I do lately is berate the Met Office for getting their predictions wrong, but to be fair, they are.  It took them until 11:30 am to change their weather warning from 10:35 am to 22:00 hours on the Saturday for rain.  How is anyone supposed to plan their outdoor lives accordingly when we have such poor information to rely on???

It took about 3 hours, but I have managed to sieve enough compost to fill 24 x 40 cell trays and 7 x full size seed trays.

Sieving 0290116

This means that come Monday, I will be able to retrieve more plants from Mums and bring them down here to transplant and keep an eye on 🙂

I have several varieties to sow for January and thanks to the propagators should make a real start with my 2016 sowing.

I’ve also been going through some of the envelopes of seeds that Wendy and Mum gave me.

It’s taken a lot of patience, but have finally managed to sieve the chaff from the seeds, here are the Geranium Palladium that Wendy gave me:

Dad turned up mid-morning with a tape measure and a pad.  He said as next week is going to be drier, he is hoping to finish the tunnel next week 🙂  Can’t wait!!