Nothing Occurring :(

I am still waiting with baited breath and my fingers crossed that something germinates from the following seeds in the next few days. ¬†They are all well within their ‘germination window’ and as yet, nothing is occurring ūüė¶

You’ll notice some familiar Nemesis’ in the list below – GRRR!

DELPHINIUM Blue Bird 110516


DIANTHUS Kiwi 110516


ERIGERON Azure Fairy 110516

ERIGERON Azure Fairy

ERIGERON Profusion 110516

ERIGERON Profusion

PLATYCODON Blue Pygmy 110516


SWEET PEA Soulful 110516





Trying Something New

After my post last week about the poor germination rates I was getting from some seed varieties, a number of people suggested that I try a different compost to see if that makes any difference.

Now my compost of choice for the last couple of years has been Homebase Multi Purpose and on the whole I have always been really pleased with it. ¬†For the first time in ages, I have bought a bag of B&Q Multi Purpose and I have to say that my first impressions are that I’m quite impressed.

It’s a lot finer than I remember it being and it is going through the sieve an absolute treat! ¬†I can already tell there will be a reduction in ‘waste’ compared to the Homebase one and if the seeds I have sown with it perform well, I have a feeling this could be my new ‘go-to’ compost.

As I had mentioned previously, I had been really disappointed with the germination rate of the¬†MARIGOLD ‘Durango Mix’. ¬†Now the problem I have at the minute is that the polytunnel is already fit to bursting and because of the impending ‘cold snap’ we have blowing our way in the next couple of days, I am reluctant to leave any tender plants outside over night just yet so, I am desperately short of room.

In order to reduce space needed, I sowed 3 seeds into each cell of a 40 cell tray.  With the germination rate being so poor previously, I am hoping this is a smart decision and as long as I get any resulting seedlings out before they all entangle, I think this may have been a smart move.

So, I have 2 x 40 cell trays potentially able to produce 240 seedlings (we live in hope!) These were self harvested so I know the germination rate isn’t going to be spectacular, but my fingers are crossed that this little experiment pays off.

Next, I sowed 1 x full size seed tray of¬†PANSY ‘Giant Fancy Mix’. ¬†This will be my last sowing of these last year so I went all out in the hope that this new compost will help germination.

PANSY Giant Fancy Mix 220416

As you can see, I got as many seeds into this tray as I possibly could.  They are now safely in the tunnel, covered with a propagator!

Now, I am not the sort of person to give up easily when it comes to growing things from seeds and what with having an EPIC FAIL with both of my varieties of ERIGERON, I have decided to give them another shot.


I have re-sown a tray of both¬†‘Azure Fairy’ and¬†‘Pink Jewel’. ¬†Fingers crossed this will work. ¬†They are also now both safely tucked away under propagators in the polytunnel.

Wendy Plant & Garden Update!

This week there was another delivery to Wendy and her amazing new garden!  It is looking FAB and is already attracting people to stop and have a good old nose whilst they are walking past!!

This week’s delivery consisted of:

6 x¬†GAILLARDIA ‘Kobold’¬†and 1 x¬†HEUCHERA ‘Amber Waves’

Wendy Plants 200416


She is due a few more of each of these varieties, but they weren’t quite ready and in an effort to keep the garden evolving we have decided to put any plants in as soon as they are ready instead of waiting for a full batch.

So, what is the garden looking like now??? ¬†Well……

Wendy Garden 200416Wendy Garden 2004162Wendy Garden 2004163Wendy Garden 2004164

I think you’ll agree, it’s coming along beautifully!

Germination Concerns :(

In my quest to do a full stock take, it has raised more concerns than it has done answered questions. ¬†I appear to have an¬†APPALLING germination rate of some seeds and I am concerned that this is going to have a severely negative impact on my ‘business’ moving forward.

For example, on 13th January, I sowed 149¬†CLEOME ‘Rose Queen’¬†seeds. ¬†Today, simply because I am literally running out of 40 cell seed trays, I decided to decant all of the seedlings into one or two trays of each type (i.e irradiating all of the gaps and minimising the number of seed trays I am currently using). ¬†It turns out that of the 149 seeds sown, I have managed to successfully germinate only 35 seedlings (23.4% germination rate!)

CLEOME Rose Queen 160416

This just isn’t good enough and although I have followed sowing and growing instructions to the letter, I am obviously ‘cocking up’ somewhere.

Another example is the¬†BIDENS ‘Golden Eye’¬†I transplanted today from their 40 cell tray homes into 9 cm pots. ¬†I originally sowed 80 seeds, but only 22 have successfully germinated (a germination rate of 27.5%) CRAP!

This wouldn’t be a problem if they were annual plants, but these are perennials, which as any grower knows, is you bread and butter when it comes to sales.

And finally, just to prove a point, MARIGOLD Durango Mix. On 1st March sowed 120 seeds, of these only 21 (!!) have germinated.

MARIGOLD Durango Mix 160416

I know this must sound trivial to some people, but when you are trying to build a business and a new life, it’s important to get it right.

It is a little disheartening, but as long as you learn from these, things, the next tray of seeds will always be more successful ūüôā

Oh and one more thing. ¬†In EPIC FAIL news, not a single¬†PEPPER grew ūüė¶

PEPPERS 160416.jpg


New Germination :)

I have 3 varieties of seedlings this week which have done the decent thing and have decided to germinate ūüôā

RUDBECKIA ‘Rustic Dwarfs Mix’

These were sown back on 29th February and I was starting to think that they were ‘going the way of the Dodo’, but perseverance and patience have paid off and we finally have signs of life.

RUDBECKIA Rustic Dwarfs Mix 150416


These were only sown on 8th April so was really shocked to find the first germinating seedling already.

CHRYSANTHEMUM Sunshine Mix 150416

PAPAVER ‘Candyfloss’

Again, these were only sown on 8th April and I can’t quite believe how many are up already. ¬†I am concerned however, how tightly packed in they are and am already having nightmares about pricking them out as¬†PAPAVERS’ don’t like root disturbance at the best of times – gulp!

PAPAVER Candyfloss 150416

You win some, you lose some and some just don’t grow!

As I have been producing more trays of seedlings to go in the tunnel today, and I am rapidly running out of room, I have had to be a bit hard handed and discard some trays of seedlings that are not up to scratch or just not growing!

I am not an expert gardener by any stretch of the imagination and one of the most enjoyable things about horticulture for me is that you NEVER stop learning.  So, to this end, I am afraid I am going to have to hold my hands up and admit to some EPIC sowing fails.

I’m not sure exactly what has gone wrong, but there wasn’t even a sniff in any of these seed trays so I am afraid, they are for the chop!

GAZANIA ‘Tiger Mix’

GAZANIA Tiger Mix 080416

I have done 2 lots of sowings of these. ¬†The first was at the end of January and the second was mid-February. ¬†Out of 160 seeds sown into 40 cell trays, NOT A SINGLE seedling has germinated ūüė¶

ERIGERON ‘Azure Fairy and Pink Jewel’


I followed the instructions to the letter with both of these trays and not a sausage!  Time to go!


DELPHINIUM Delight 080416

Nothing, absolutely NOTHING!!

So, as you can see, not everything has been successful. I am not put off by any stretch of the imagination and although I have no¬†DELPHINIUM¬†seeds left, I will try again with the¬†ERIGERON¬†and the¬†GAZANIA’S. ¬†Will keep you posted!!


Today has been mainly about sowing some more seeds as I am still behind my sowing plan and am desperately trying to catch up before everything needs transplanting into bigger modules.

I have sown quite a mix of seeds today and some of the flowers are going to look gorgeous.

Firstly, I sowed 2 more 40 cell trays of¬†ZINNIA ‘Starlight Rose’.

Then, some¬†CHRYSANTHEMUM ‘Sunshine Mix’.

Next, was a full sized seed tray of¬†PAPAVER ‘Seriously Scarlet’

Followed by another full sized tray of¬†PANSY ‘Giant Fancy Mix’

Then, a 40 cell tray of¬†SUNFLOWER ‘Teddy Bear’

Next, a 40 cell tray of¬†HELIANTHUS ‘Autumn Time’

Followed by a 40 cell tray of¬†ZINNIA ‘Hot Mix’

Then, a full sized seed tray of¬†RUDBECKIA ‘Gloriosa Daisy Mix’

And finally, a full sized seed tray of¬†PAPAVER ‘Candyfloss’

What started out as me just sowing another batch of the¬†ZINNIA’S ended up with me being practically chained to the sieve and fingers covered in compost (just the way I like it!)