Apologies, this is a retrospective post as I have been so busy that I just haven’t had time to update blog properly until today (I have a funny feeling today could be my highest blog posting day for a while!!)

Wednesday morning, I woke up to a sky looking like this.  Taken at 07:00 am I haven’t seen the sky look this blue in a long time and it was wonderful.

Garden 200416

So, armed with a weather forecast that said it was going to be a day of blue skies, sunshine and light winds, I decided it was high time that I went round to Mums and collect all of the outstanding plants she had been looking after for me (both business and personal) so, bless her, she could finally get her garden and greenhouse back.  I have been sporadically bringing plants back so I knew there couldn’t be that much left there, surely!

How wrong I was.  It took me 2 car journeys to bring everything back to BBHQ.  By the time I had finished, my clean and tidy patio area looked like this!!!

Patio 200416Patio 2004162Patio 2004163

Having the luxury of warm sunshine on my back, I decided instead of just staring at the sheer volume of plants I now had on my patio, I had best find homes for most of them.

By the time I had put all of the plants in the tunnel that needed attention (it might be prudent to mention at this point that I had actually forgotten that there were 100+ AQUILEGIA plants in 9 cm pots hiding in a temporary greenhouse at Mums!!), the tunnel now looked like this 😦

No room ANYWHERE (again!!!)

So with stress levels sky-rocketing due to the sheer volume of work I now had to deal with, I am pleased to say my patio area is looking quite lovely now that I have even more pots to play with 🙂

Patio 2004164


Wendy Plant & Garden Update!

This week there was another delivery to Wendy and her amazing new garden!  It is looking FAB and is already attracting people to stop and have a good old nose whilst they are walking past!!

This week’s delivery consisted of:

6 x GAILLARDIA ‘Kobold’ and 1 x HEUCHERA ‘Amber Waves’

Wendy Plants 200416


She is due a few more of each of these varieties, but they weren’t quite ready and in an effort to keep the garden evolving we have decided to put any plants in as soon as they are ready instead of waiting for a full batch.

So, what is the garden looking like now???  Well……

Wendy Garden 200416Wendy Garden 2004162Wendy Garden 2004163Wendy Garden 2004164

I think you’ll agree, it’s coming along beautifully!

Adding to the Container Garden

After a rather pathetic frost than that was predicted, I decided to carry on with adding to my new ‘temporary container garden’.  Not as much work was carried out as yesterday as I had a ‘mud mountain’ to tackle and also 50 DAHLIA’S to find a more sunny home for.

Anyways, there were 3 further pots that I wanted to tidy up and put on the patio.

First was another LIATRIS ‘spicata’.  (I knew I had more than that one lousy specimen I found last time).

LIATRIS Spicata 170416

As you can see, there was definitely more growth in this once so I was pleased this should mean I get a decent display.

When I tipped the pot out, unfortunately the whole thing just collapsed into a pile of compost and I was fearful that the bulbs weren’t going to be in any fit state to use.

LIATRIS Spicata 1704162

However, I was amazed to find that I had a lovely healthy clump waiting for me 🙂

LIATRIS Spicata 1704163

Once they were all potted up, they looked great and I even had room to put the extra bulb I had found earlier in the front of the pot!

LIATRIS Spicata 1704164


Next was PHLOX ‘Blue Paradise’.  I am going to be honest, I have been trying to grow this plant successfully with little success.  It always looks ‘sickly’ and never really fills out to anything much.

PHLOX Blue Paradise 170416

There wasn’t much in the way of weeds in this one so a simple tidy up was all it really needed.  Fingers crossed this year will be the one that it ‘performs’ but looking at the ‘spindly’ branches and leaves, I am not holding out much hope 😦

PHLOX Blue Paradise 1704162


Finally was ECHINACEA ‘Doppeldecker’.  I love this variety of ECHINACEA simply because of it’s little hat!

Of all the plants I have done so far, this one wins hands down for the most unwanted weed residents!  They were that impressive, I even took 2 pictures!!!

After removing all of the weeds, I was left with a rather lacklustre plant and root system.  The growth that was there looks healthy and happy so I potted it up.

ECHINACEA Doppeldecker 1704163

But look at the size of the weeds that were left over (and MUSCARI – GRRR!!)

So my tidy ‘Temporary Container Garden’ is now filling up nicely – so pleased!!

Wendy Garden Update

After my first delivery of plants to Wendy last week, I had another 6 ready for delivery which were:

  • 3 x HEMEROCALLIS ‘Highland Lord’
  • 2 x PAPAVER ‘Miss Piggy’
  • 1 x EUPHORBIA ‘Fireglow’

Wendy's Plants 100416

I hadn’t actually told her they were ready so I managed to sneak the crate of plants in whilst she was out taking her dogs for a walk 😉

As expected, she has managed to get the plants into the garden that I delivered last week and it’s so nice to see some colour in her centre wheel now.

Wendy's Garden 100416

I’ve worked out I still have another 59 plants here for her so I am sure there will be plenty more updates to come.  I am so excited to see this project evolving, she has worked so hard and it’s going to be beautiful when it’s finished!

Wendy’s first delivery :)

Today I took the first batch of plants round to Wendy’s which were ready to go into her garden:

Wendy's Plants 050416

The delivery consisted of

  • 10 x GEUM ‘Mrs Bradshaw’
  • 6 x VERBENA ‘Bonariensis’
  • 3 x AQUILEGIA ‘Black Barlow’

This little lot should keep her busy for a while!

I am sure with the beautifully sunny day we have had today that she would’ve already got these plants in and the next time I pop round there, I will take a photo for you to see her progress.  I can’t wait for the Summer, her garden is going to look spectacular!

And in other “Wendy” related news, she mentioned to me this morning that the tub of ‘daffodils’ I had mentioned in a previous post looked more like Allium to her.  Now Wendy would have you believe that she is very much an amateur gardener, but credit where credit is due, I came home, checked the pot and ta-dah:

Can’t wait to see them in bloom 🙂

Plants ready for sale :)

This afternoon I have been sorting out the plants that are ready to be listed on eBay.  I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet, but I am really pleased with how these plants are looking.

AQUILEGIA ‘Black Barlow’

AQUILEGIA Black Barlow 010416


AUBRIETA Blue 010416

GAILLARDIA ‘Burgunder’

GAILLARDIA Burgunder 010416

POTENTILLA ‘Miss Wilmott’

POTENTILLA Miss Willmott 010416

CAMPANULA ‘Double’ Pink, White and Blue

CAMPANULA Double Pink, White and Blue 010416

DIANTHUS ‘Deltoides’

DIANTHUS Deltoides 010416

So tomorrow will be spent sorting out the rest of the “ready plants” and giving them a little TLC before I take their “official” photos and post them on eBay.  I am so excited as it finally feels like things are coming together for BloominBootiful 🙂

Been digging!

For the last couple of days I have been trying to make a dent in the work I need to do digging out the new lawn (well, first half anyway!).

Last time I was able to do any of it before the ground dried up too much, I got this far:

Garden 1803162

After yesterday and today’s efforts, it now looks like this:

Garden 310316

Not bad considering I have done all of this on my own with just a spade!  And for those of you wondering just how much soil I have moved so far, take a look at this pile!!

Soil pile 310316

I’m pleased because I can now see the ‘back line’ to the new lawn and can start working out where to put my raised flower bed.

In other news, the MARIGOLD ‘Durango Mix’ that I sowed on 22/03/16 have already started to germinate:

MARIGOLD Durango Mix 310316

And even better, the ECHINACEA ‘Pink Parasol’ which were sown on 29/02/16 are also showing signs of life 🙂

ECHINACEA Pink Parasol 310316

With another dry day being forecast for tomorrow, I have a feeling I will be adding to that soil pile 😉