Greenfingers Charity

As part of my HTA membership, I have been made aware of:

Greenfingers Charity


“Greenfingers” are encouraging garden centres, nurseries and suppliers to STOP before throwing away of getting rid of old stock they no longer need.

Instead, they are asking that they contact the Charity to “Turn Old Into Gold” by donating unwanted stock, such as plants, hardware, tools, furniture and garden equipment.

All funds raised through the “Turn Old Into Gold” scheme will contribute to the Charities’ “A Million Moments Appeal”.  The appeal which launched in July 2015, aims to raise £1 million to help at least a further 5,000 children who spend time in hospices around the UK by giving them the gift of a garden and the chance to spend time outdoors, enjoying the natural world.

So, please don’t forget and think of “Greenfingers” when faced with unsaleable stock in the future.