Welcome to my blog!!

A hopefully frank, fun and sometimes inspirational blog about my journey from moving into a new house to completely re-designing my garden.

A keen, yet amateur gardener who always appreciates advice and encouragement, I am also on the brink of starting my own Horticultural business.

With a great team around me and enthusiasm in abundance, this will hopefully be an honest account of my transformation from someone who knows what she wants to someone who achieves what she wants!

If you would like to contact me, my email address is bloominbootiful@outlook.com




14 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for following Minkyweasel, she really appreciates it! I am not what you might call an avid gardener myself but over the last few years my interest has grown, If you do a search on ‘garden# or ‘gardenibg’ on my blog there will be quite a few posts that may be of interest. I too have noticed how many plants are still in flower, though some are late flowering anyway. I have bulbs in pots that have begun to show green shoots already, daffs and such. I wrapped my Phoenix Canariensis trees to protect them from cold winds a month or so ago but although it has been very windy it has been warm with it! I am almost wishing the weather to go cold,
    Shirley Anne x

  2. I think your concept of keeping this journal as you take this parallel journey renovating a garden at your new residence while starting a related business is an excellent one. Best of luck with your new garden and your new venture!

  3. Your last line is so inspirational – I may use it myself! I, too, am hoping to start a horticultural business this year, in designing gardens, but selling my plants has also crossed my mind. I wilj be following your efforts with interest. You seem so well organised, youve obviously put a lot of planning in. With all that enthusiasm youre bound to succeed! Good luck and thanks for your inspiration so far!

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