I think it’s time I explained my absence and am grateful for the people who have stuck with me.

8 weeks ago my Mum, my best friend, my World was diagnosed with brain, bowel and liver cancer.

Admitted to Sheffield University Hospital for ‘Gamma Knife’ laser treatment on her brain tumour, the professionals were 90% sure the treatment would be successful. After 2.5 weeks in Sheffield, she was transferred to Worcester Royal Hospital. After a further 2.5 weeks of fighting, unfortunately a build up of fluid on the brain took my best friend away from me and she died at 10:15 pm on Sunday 19th June.

My Mum was the biggest fan of my blog and really enjoyed reading it. After her funeral on 7th July, I will be back blogging as normal as I know in my heart she would want this.

My Mum was my ‘green-fingered’ inspiration and without her, I have to admit to struggling.


8 thoughts on “Lost

  1. So sorry to hear this sad news. You never really get over the loss of your mum and neither should you. However, as I am sure everyone is telling you, things do get easier.It is really nice that you have so many good gardening things to remember her by and a purpose to carry on.

  2. B-(
    So sorry to hear this.

    But now you can do something that you KNOW made her proud. During any dark times you can just think back and know that your mum was behind you ALL the way. B-)

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