Plants on eBay 12/05/16

The last couple of days has been about getting all of the plants I have ready to go back onto eBay.

I’ve even surprised myself just how many varieties I currently have available so, here’s a list of everything that has gone on today:

eBay Page Link

Antirrhinum ‘Tom Thumb’ 40 plugs

Aster ‘Duchess Yellow’ 9 cm

Bidens ‘Golden Eye’ 9 cm

Campanula ‘Double White’ 9 cm

Campanula ‘Carpatica Blue’ 9 cm

Cleome ‘Rose Queen’ 9 cm

Dianthus ‘Deltoides’ 9 cm

Echinacea ‘Pow Wow Wild Berry’ 2 Litre

Euphorbia ‘Fireglow’ 1 Litre

Geranium ‘Derrick Cook’ 1 Litre

Hemerocallis ‘Fooled Me’ 2 Litre

Nemesia ‘Poetry’ PINK 1 Litre

Nemesia ‘Poetry’ PURPLE 1 Litre

Papaver ‘Miss Piggy’ 1 Litre

Penstemon ‘Vesuvius’ 2 Litre

Poppy ‘Golden West’ 9 cm

Potentilla ‘Miss Wilmott’ 9 cm

Potentilla ‘Monarch’s Velvet’ 9 cm

Primula ‘Denticulata Mix’ 1 Litre

Rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’ 2 Litre

Sedum ‘spurium’ 1 Litre

Shasta Daisy ‘Alaska’ 1 Litre

Tradescantia ‘Mix’ 1 Litre

That’s a total of 23 varieties!!!



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