After my “Complete Disaster” post of yesterday, I wanted to quickly update you on the state of some of the plants.

There was no coming back from any of the POPPIES, but after putting the rest of the plants outside yesterday and watering them 3 times and with the magic of rain from an epic thunderstorm, there is now hope!

HELIANTHUS Autumn Time 080516


LAVATERA Trimestris 080516

LAVATERA Trimestris

MARIGOLD Durango 080516

MARIGOLD Durango Mix

PANSY Giant Fancy 080516

PANSY Giant Fancy Mix

So pleased I haven’t lost them all!!


2 thoughts on “Survivors!!

  1. Glad you managed to save some. Didn’t think you would lose them all.

    We never got any rain yesterday. We may get it today instead.
    It’s misty and cool so far this morning so there is plenty of moisture in the air. We shall see.

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