Nursery Update at BBHQ

Things have been rather manic here at BBHQ and I apologise for not updating you sooner.

The warmer (and drier) weather has been playing havoc with some of the plants, yet others are simply thriving!

My hands feel like leather, are full of callouses and I have broken 8 out of 10 nails, but the plants are looking great!

So, what’s occurring?  Well, the ANTIRRHINUM ‘Liberty Classic’ and ‘Tom Thumb’ varieties are doing extremely well in their 40 cell tray homes.

ANTIRRHINUM Liberty Classic 080516

I have these advertised locally for £5 per tray as I could not fathom for the life of me how on earth I could post these.

The ASTER ‘Duchess Yellow’ plants that I have been concerned about for months have done me proud.  After transplanting them from 40 cells into 9 cm pots a couple of weeks ago they are doing REALLY well and are looking fabulous (apart from that one on the right ;))

ASTER Duchess Yellow 080516

I’m chuffed to bits with these as at one stage I genuinely thought I was going to lose the lot.

The CLEOME ‘Rose Queen’ I potted up last week (not sure if I mentioned this) have gone off like a rocket and are looking great in their new 9 cm pot homes.

CLEOME Rose Queen 080516

I had intended to grow these and sell them as plug plants, but when I realised that they can grow to 150 cm tall, I thought it best to give their roots a chance to ‘ground’ in a deeper pot to aid stability as they mature.  These will be going onto eBay in the next couple of weeks.

The BIDENS ‘Golden Eye’ have gone mad in the last week or so.  Having never grown these before, I am chuffed to bits with how they are looking right now.

BIDENS Golden Eye 080516

These are a great perennial and I will be selling these on eBay once they fill into their pots a bit more.

The ECHINOPS ‘Ruthenicus’ are growing a bit slower than I would like, but nevertheless, they are finally coming along now.

ECHINOPS Ruthenicis 080516

Having never grown these before from seed, it has been a bit of a pleasing experiment.  Once I am happy with their growth, these will be placed on eBay also.

The handful of OSTEOSPERMUM ‘Akila Mix’ I managed to germinate are slowly coming on now.


I will be keeping these to collect seeds from for next year, sorry guys, it’ll be another 12 months before any of these are available for sale.

The CAMPANULA ‘Carpatica Blue’ are also finally looking fabulous.  I sowed these from seed last Autumn and by the end of the Winter, I have to confess they weren’t looking like they were going to come to much.  I’m not sure the wet and mild winter we had did them any favours to be honest.

CAMPANULA Carpatica Blue 080516

Once I am happy with their sizing and quality, these lovely perennials will be going onto eBay.

Onto ANCHUSA ‘Blue Angel’ which if I am honest, aren’t looking as great as I would like them to.  Their roots are coming along beautifully, but I think they need an extra couple of cycles of feed to perk them up a bit.

ANCHUSA Blue Angel 080516

Once I am happy with them, these stunning perennials will be going on eBay.

The PRIMULA ‘Denticulata Mix’, TRADESCANTIA Mix and SEDUM ‘Spurium’ all finished their first cycle on eBay and have all become ‘too big for their boots’ so I have re-potted them into 1 Litre pots.

These will all be going back on eBay once their roots systems fill out adequately in their new homes.

The DAHLIA’S are finally on the move.  I was getting  little worried to be fair, and thankfully apart from the one I mentioned in a previous post, there has been no further damage from the frost.

DAHLIAS 080516

I currently have ‘Decorative Mix’, ‘Cactus Mix’ and ‘Dinner Plate mix’ in stock.  Some of these will be going onto eBay.

The CALIFORNIAN POPPY ‘Golden West’ which I transplanted into 9 cm pots a couple of weeks ago are thriving.

CALIFORNIAN POPPY 'Golden West' 080516

Once they fill out a little more, they will also be going onto eBay.

And finally, NEMESIA ‘Poetry Mix’.  These have been grown outside all winter and are now full hardy.

NEMESIA 'Poetry Mix' 080516

They are filling out beautifully and should be on eBay in the next 10 days.

Don’t worry, this isn’t everything….. another update to follow 🙂


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