Complete Disaster!!!!

Yesterday, the tunnel got up to 48 degrees.  Now baring in mind, I had watered everything the night before and in the morning, yesterday afternoon I found the following in the tunnel.

MARIGOLD Durango Mix

MARIGOLD Durango 060516.jpg

Dried to a crisp, genuinely not sure if any of these are salvageable.



HELIANTHUS Autumn Time 060516

Look completely destroyed, again, don’t think they’re going to survive.


PANSY Giant Fancy Mix

PANSY Giant Fancy Mix 060516

These are the ones I spent hours pricking out last weekend, gone.


PAPAVER Seriously Scarlet

PAPAVER Seriously Scarlet 060516

These are so destroyed, there is literally no sign of them in the tray any more.


PAPAVER ‘Candyfloss’

PAPAVER Candyfloss 060516

At least with this batch, I can still see evidence of death!


LAVATERA Trimestris

LAVATERA Trimestris 060516

I am hoping to salvage SOME of these, but I have lost the majority.

To say I am angry and disappointed is an understatement, but I can’t let it get to me (although to be honest, at this point I do feel like giving up on everything).

I had both doors open on the tunnel, but the warm air and sun just got the temperature up to such epic proportions that the plants simply baked as though they were in an oven 😦


4 thoughts on “Complete Disaster!!!!

  1. Oh dear, that is unbelievable, with both doors open. But you mustn’t give up. You are bound to have a few problems in your first year that you need to learn from. Trouble is apart from opening doors I am not sure what you could do? Do the sides roll up? Hope you can salvage some of those plants.

  2. I felt that ‘liking’ this was the wrong thing to do!

    Is there any way you can fit an irrigation system to at least keep the trays moist somehow?
    Maybe you need to Google how others have dealt with the issue? You can’t have been the first to see this happen?

    It’s a shame you may have lost so many. Maybe some will surprise you and recover?
    Good luck.

  3. Don’t you dare give up! Learning is a process that involves failure. Nothing is created without an element of failure.

    Example: WD-40 A product that displaces water. Their 40th attempt was the one that worked. That is 39 failures.

    Get some books. Go to the library. Go to the used book store. Go to farmers markets and visit your local nurseries and farms. Begin talking to people. You’ll be amazed at how helpful and enthusiastic people are to share information with you and will be encouraging you to carry on. YOU CAN DO THIS.

    Your passion is your drive. Don’t let a failure kill your passion. My 3 year old grandchild has her grasp on difficult projects. “If it’s hard, it just means that I have to try harder.”

    Try harder. I believe in you.

  4. Don’t be disheartened, the ridiculous British weather is a gardeners biggest nightmare. I agree with the comments above, a bit of research, onwards and upwards. It’s never a complete disaster if you learn from it. Good luck xx

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