Dahlia help please!

I have a ‘Decorative’ DAHLIA currently growing in a 2 litre pot, well, actually I have 10 of this variety and this one has, by far, the most growth on it.

I noticed this morning that it was looking a little ‘flat’ and on closer inspection it appears that all of it’s leaves and shoots are filled with fluid.  I have never seen anything like it.

DAHLIA Decorative 290416

I would really appreciate some help in determining what could be the problem as it looks so poorly 😦


7 thoughts on “Dahlia help please!

  1. Sorry don’t know much about Dahlias – the slugs like them too much round here so I rarely grow them. At first glance though I would be with your previous commenter and go for cold. Could the leaves have frozen and thawed? Do you have a thermometer in your poly tunnel that shows you the minimum temperature reached (a max/min thermometer)?

  2. Do the leaves/stems go to mushy if squeezed? Looks like frost damage. I would pull of the soppy shoots, bury deeper in the pot and put somewhere frost free. It probably didn’t freeze enough to damage the tubers so it should reshoot.

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