Let’s Compare!!

Mum’s PHLOX ‘Blue Paradise’

Mums Phlox

Mine 😦

My Phlox


7 thoughts on “Let’s Compare!!

      • This is the third year in a row it has looked like this. Different pot, different location (even moved house!!!!) and it still looks like this!!!!! Reckon I’m going to send it up to you to see what you can do as I’m giving up any hope!!! Maybe it needs Yorkshire air 😜

  1. I think this is eelworm, which phlox are prone to. If the lower leaves go brown and die prematurely then that would confirm it. You cannot easily get rid of eelworms from the stems and if you divide the plants it just spreads it. But the eelworms are only present in the stems and leaves so you can propagate the plants by root cuttings and clean them up.

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