Even More Sowing!!

With the ‘window’ of spring sowing closing rapidly and with my quest to completely stress myself out, fill the tunnel beyond capacity, take on more than one person can possibly manage and just for the sheer love of it, I have been sowing more seeds ūüôā



Following my complete and utter failure with the last batch of¬†DELPHINIUMS I was given a packet of these seeds and asked if I wanted to try and grow them. ¬†Being a glutton for punishment my response was “Hell Yeah!” Fingers crossed the results of these will be better!!


SWEET PEA ‘Soulful’

SWEET PEA 'Soulful'

Love¬†SWEET PEAS and I am growing these for Mum ūüôā


ERIGERON ‘Profusion’

ERIGERON Profusion

Yes another¬†ERIGERON¬†variety. ¬†These are apparently a completely different beast to the¬†‘Azure Fairy’¬†and¬†‘Pink Jewel’ I am currently attempting to grow for the second time this year. ¬†Think positive thoughts!!!


NEMESIA ‘Carnival Mix’

NEMESIA Carnival Mix

I am a fan of NEMESIA and have grown several varieties before, but never these ones. I love the colour mix!


SUNFLOWER ‘Peach Passion’

SUNFLOWER Peach Passion

When they promise to look like this, what more of an excuse do you need to sow these??? ¬†Can’t wait, they look ¬†gorgeous!!


7 thoughts on “Even More Sowing!!

  1. Yup… Those Nemesia look good…

    My only sucess with Delphiniums was finding 2000 selfseeds, blown in by the wind, had taken while the ones I had planted in hope did nothing. >.>

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