CANNA LILY ‘Red Russian’

Amongst the plants I collected from Mums was a CANNA LILY I had forgotten all about (Me? Never!)

It was given to me last year by an old chap who had grown a whole bunch of different varieties and was trying to shift his wares at the local car boot.  Unfortunately, as there were no labels in any of his plants, no sign of buds or colour and with a minimum price tag of £15, you can imagine that they were nigh on impossible to shift.

He told me that this one was one of his favourites ‘Red Russian’ having never grown a CALLA LILY before I was excited to give it a try.

I followed his instructions, dutifully potted it on, fed it the right type of food, but by the end of the Summer all I had was a pot with beautiful green foliage – not even a bud in sight (I was at the point rather relieved that I didn’t have to pay the £15 for the privilege of leaves!)

So, with a heavy heart I stored it in Mums greenhouse over winter and due to it not being the ultimate show-stopper I had hoped for, completely forgot about it!

After looking at it for the last couple of days and fearing that the thing was probably dead, I decided to have a look and see what was occurring.

Canna Lily 260416

Not the most inspiring looking plant in the World, eh?

On tipping it out, my hopes weren’t raised remotely – at this point I had convinced myself it was a Dodo!

Canna Lily 2604162

As it usually the case with me, curiosity got the better of me and I started having a good old dig round in the roots – and look what I found!!!!!

Canna Lily 2604163

Now happily sat in a couple of inches of water in a bowl, I will pot her up and put her in my container garden and keep my fingers crossed.

Red Russian Canna Lily

Especially if she turns out like this!!!!!



4 thoughts on “CANNA LILY ‘Red Russian’

  1. I love Canna Lillies but they don’t do well in our climate. You really need to plant them or put them in a big pot… And not liking our winters means you have to bring them indoors or in a greenhouse.
    Now I have a fair sized greenhouse I may well be able to get one and keep it over winter… But they are so expensive and I don’t think I could justify the cost for something that will only last one season.
    *le sigh*

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