Wendy Plant & Garden Update!

This week there was another delivery to Wendy and her amazing new garden!  It is looking FAB and is already attracting people to stop and have a good old nose whilst they are walking past!!

This week’s delivery consisted of:

6 x GAILLARDIA ‘Kobold’ and 1 x HEUCHERA ‘Amber Waves’

Wendy Plants 200416


She is due a few more of each of these varieties, but they weren’t quite ready and in an effort to keep the garden evolving we have decided to put any plants in as soon as they are ready instead of waiting for a full batch.

So, what is the garden looking like now???  Well……

Wendy Garden 200416Wendy Garden 2004162Wendy Garden 2004163Wendy Garden 2004164

I think you’ll agree, it’s coming along beautifully!


7 thoughts on “Wendy Plant & Garden Update!

  1. The garden is coming along very nicely. I love Gaillardia and always grow it – often the shorter one ‘Goblin’. I looked up your variety and was surprised to see it listed as hardy. I don’t think it would be up here – I have never managed to get any of them through the winter, though this year I do have one plant that I kept in the growhouse that seems to be doing OK.

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