Apologies, this is a retrospective post as I have been so busy that I just haven’t had time to update blog properly until today (I have a funny feeling today could be my highest blog posting day for a while!!)

Wednesday morning, I woke up to a sky looking like this.  Taken at 07:00 am I haven’t seen the sky look this blue in a long time and it was wonderful.

Garden 200416

So, armed with a weather forecast that said it was going to be a day of blue skies, sunshine and light winds, I decided it was high time that I went round to Mums and collect all of the outstanding plants she had been looking after for me (both business and personal) so, bless her, she could finally get her garden and greenhouse back.  I have been sporadically bringing plants back so I knew there couldn’t be that much left there, surely!

How wrong I was.  It took me 2 car journeys to bring everything back to BBHQ.  By the time I had finished, my clean and tidy patio area looked like this!!!

Patio 200416Patio 2004162Patio 2004163

Having the luxury of warm sunshine on my back, I decided instead of just staring at the sheer volume of plants I now had on my patio, I had best find homes for most of them.

By the time I had put all of the plants in the tunnel that needed attention (it might be prudent to mention at this point that I had actually forgotten that there were 100+ AQUILEGIA plants in 9 cm pots hiding in a temporary greenhouse at Mums!!), the tunnel now looked like this 😦

No room ANYWHERE (again!!!)

So with stress levels sky-rocketing due to the sheer volume of work I now had to deal with, I am pleased to say my patio area is looking quite lovely now that I have even more pots to play with 🙂

Patio 2004164


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