Trying Something New

After my post last week about the poor germination rates I was getting from some seed varieties, a number of people suggested that I try a different compost to see if that makes any difference.

Now my compost of choice for the last couple of years has been Homebase Multi Purpose and on the whole I have always been really pleased with it.  For the first time in ages, I have bought a bag of B&Q Multi Purpose and I have to say that my first impressions are that I’m quite impressed.

It’s a lot finer than I remember it being and it is going through the sieve an absolute treat!  I can already tell there will be a reduction in ‘waste’ compared to the Homebase one and if the seeds I have sown with it perform well, I have a feeling this could be my new ‘go-to’ compost.

As I had mentioned previously, I had been really disappointed with the germination rate of the MARIGOLD ‘Durango Mix’.  Now the problem I have at the minute is that the polytunnel is already fit to bursting and because of the impending ‘cold snap’ we have blowing our way in the next couple of days, I am reluctant to leave any tender plants outside over night just yet so, I am desperately short of room.

In order to reduce space needed, I sowed 3 seeds into each cell of a 40 cell tray.  With the germination rate being so poor previously, I am hoping this is a smart decision and as long as I get any resulting seedlings out before they all entangle, I think this may have been a smart move.

So, I have 2 x 40 cell trays potentially able to produce 240 seedlings (we live in hope!) These were self harvested so I know the germination rate isn’t going to be spectacular, but my fingers are crossed that this little experiment pays off.

Next, I sowed 1 x full size seed tray of PANSY ‘Giant Fancy Mix’.  This will be my last sowing of these last year so I went all out in the hope that this new compost will help germination.

PANSY Giant Fancy Mix 220416

As you can see, I got as many seeds into this tray as I possibly could.  They are now safely in the tunnel, covered with a propagator!

Now, I am not the sort of person to give up easily when it comes to growing things from seeds and what with having an EPIC FAIL with both of my varieties of ERIGERON, I have decided to give them another shot.


I have re-sown a tray of both ‘Azure Fairy’ and ‘Pink Jewel’.  Fingers crossed this will work.  They are also now both safely tucked away under propagators in the polytunnel.


5 thoughts on “Trying Something New

  1. With my germination failures I found that in some modules both seeds grew and in others none did! I hope that doesn’t happen for you, but it does rather point to the conditions in the module doesn’t it rather than the seed or the compost?

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