Adding to the Container Garden

After a rather pathetic frost than that was predicted, I decided to carry on with adding to my new ‘temporary container garden’.  Not as much work was carried out as yesterday as I had a ‘mud mountain’ to tackle and also 50 DAHLIA’S to find a more sunny home for.

Anyways, there were 3 further pots that I wanted to tidy up and put on the patio.

First was another LIATRIS ‘spicata’.  (I knew I had more than that one lousy specimen I found last time).

LIATRIS Spicata 170416

As you can see, there was definitely more growth in this once so I was pleased this should mean I get a decent display.

When I tipped the pot out, unfortunately the whole thing just collapsed into a pile of compost and I was fearful that the bulbs weren’t going to be in any fit state to use.

LIATRIS Spicata 1704162

However, I was amazed to find that I had a lovely healthy clump waiting for me 🙂

LIATRIS Spicata 1704163

Once they were all potted up, they looked great and I even had room to put the extra bulb I had found earlier in the front of the pot!

LIATRIS Spicata 1704164


Next was PHLOX ‘Blue Paradise’.  I am going to be honest, I have been trying to grow this plant successfully with little success.  It always looks ‘sickly’ and never really fills out to anything much.

PHLOX Blue Paradise 170416

There wasn’t much in the way of weeds in this one so a simple tidy up was all it really needed.  Fingers crossed this year will be the one that it ‘performs’ but looking at the ‘spindly’ branches and leaves, I am not holding out much hope 😦

PHLOX Blue Paradise 1704162


Finally was ECHINACEA ‘Doppeldecker’.  I love this variety of ECHINACEA simply because of it’s little hat!

Of all the plants I have done so far, this one wins hands down for the most unwanted weed residents!  They were that impressive, I even took 2 pictures!!!

After removing all of the weeds, I was left with a rather lacklustre plant and root system.  The growth that was there looks healthy and happy so I potted it up.

ECHINACEA Doppeldecker 1704163

But look at the size of the weeds that were left over (and MUSCARI – GRRR!!)

So my tidy ‘Temporary Container Garden’ is now filling up nicely – so pleased!!


2 thoughts on “Adding to the Container Garden

  1. Love finding hidden gems in pots. I used to work on a plant nursery and took great pleasure in going out to the back where all the old, overgrown unfit for sale pots were left and tidying them up,pruning and weeding to find healthy little plants my manager used to let me take for free.
    Your pots look great all tidied up! Your phlox looks like it might have a virus by the way it has slightly wavy, crinkly leaves which might be why you have not had the success you are after.

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