Stock Take

A friend asked me the other day just how many plants I was currently growing “Oh, about 200” I replied.

And then what with the re-shuffle in the tunnel yesterday, I had a sneaking suspicion I may have ‘slightly’ underestimated this figure.  So, there was nothing else for it, if I was going to keep on top of everything I was growing, I needed to do a stock take.  OH MY DAYS!

ebay plants 220316

Right!  It turns out I am *currently* growing 78 different varieties of ornamental plant!!  These are in sizes ranging from 2 litre pots down to full size seed trays.

So far I have only counted the “potted” plants and I am already up to 1158!!!  This does not take into account any plants that are in 40 cell or seed trays.

I am gob-smacked!! I would have never have put the figure this high, but like they say, if you find something you love to do, it never feels like work.

I plan to scare myself further by totting up all of the seedlings over the weekend so I am sure this figure is quite possibly going to at least double!!


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