A is for Antirrhinum!

After yesterday’s polytunnel reshuffle I was back to the original Plan A of pricking out the ANTIRRHINUM’S this morning.

First up was ‘Tom Thumb’A really pretty dwarf variety.

ANTIRRHINUM Tom Thumb 150416

Now if you had read my post last week on ‘pricking out seedlings‘ you would have seen me mention that it was best not to let the seedlings get too overgrown before you attempt to prick them out.  As you can see from the following picture, I had left these a little too long and they were a bit of a mare to untangle!

ANTIRRHINUM Tom Thumb 1504162

However, I persevered (there were a few curse words!) and managed to get 200 very healthy looking seedlings out of this first tray.

ANTIRRHINUM Tom Thumb 1504163

They look great and I was really pleased!

Next was a tray of “Liberty Classic”.  A standard height ANTIRRHINUM in a full mixture of colours.

ANTIRRHINUM Liberty Classic 150416

These were slightly smaller seedlings so thankfully their roots hadn’t had time to completely entangle 🙂

I managed to get 320 (!!) again, very healthy looking seedlings out of this one tray.

ANTIRRHINUM Liberty Classic 1504162

It’s a good job that I cleared some space in the tunnel yesterday as my efforts this morning have resulted in 13 trays worth of seedlings going in there!!


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