Polytunnel Tidy Up!

The plan for today was to prick out 2 trays of ANTIRRHINUM ‘Liberty Classic’ and one tray of ANTIRRHINUM ‘Tom Thumb’. With the weather forecast suggesting we were in for a day of monsoon rains, I thought it best to find something to do inside.

On walking into the tunnel, I looked around and suddenly realised, that I had no room left and although the ANTIRRHINUM’S were currently located in just 3 full sized seed trays, by pricking them out I was going to easily produce about 12 trays worth of seedlings!!

The polytunnel this morning:

See, I wasn’t exaggerating – NO MORE ROOM!!!

So, Plan A was cast aside and I started on sorting out the polytunnel.

After a couple of hours of sorting out the plants which were now ready to go outside and having a general shuffle round, it looked like this 🙂

All the plants now have a safe (by which I mean Bella protection!) and easily accessible place to grow.
Outside Nursery 1404162

Outside Nursery 140416

I have managed to create enough space for another 25 trays so that should keep me going for a while!


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