The Great Garden Tidy Up!

After spending weeks growing plants for other people and living with a mud bath as a garden, I took the opportunity of a lovely, warm sunny day to make a start on tidying up the garden.

Patio area has been completely swept, tidied and cleared. Looks loads better 😀

I have some plants in pots I need to tidy up and place along the wall. Unfortunately, I think this will be the sum total of my “garden” this year so I am going to try and make a real effort with making it look colourful.

The temporary greenhouse is now down and the lawn has had it’s first cut of the year.

Not much lawn left now I have the tunnel up, but an area that definitely needs some TLC.

I have been bagging up some of the “mud mountain” and it’s now more of a hill 😜

I was pleased to see the weed control fabric I put down last Autumn to prevent any rogue Muscari Bulbs from growing has worked so well – NOT!

Have really enjoyed myself today just pottering and getting a few jobs done.


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