More Plants on eBay!

As well as everything else I have been doing today, I have managed to get some more plants on eBay!!

The following are now also available:

A nice selection of HEMEROCALLIS and a PHLOX to get started with 🙂


6 thoughts on “More Plants on eBay!

  1. Just a heads up. I clicked on the postcode Get Rates button for the Phlox (for future reference) and nothing happened. It could be that I have a rather old Mac. I am using a newly downloaded Firefox browser. I was interested as I often find postage is prohibitive for online shopping as I live in Aberdeen.

      • One company that sell plants for the shade wanted to put on a £6.00 excess if you are north of Edinburgh. Needless to say I didn’t buy from them much as I wanted some of their plants. It must have been the courier company that was to blame though.

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