Sowing and Transplanting

As well as everything else I am trying to keep up with (!!) I am still in the process of sowing new seeds and also transplanting seedlings that are ready to go into their new homes.

Firstly sowing, I have somehow managed to find the time (and room!!) to sow some COSMOS ‘Versailles Tetra’.  

These look a lovely colour, can’t wait to see them bloom!

I have always grown FRENCH MARIGOLDS before so when I was able to get my hands on some ENGLISH MARIGOLD ‘Neon’, I just had to give them a go 🙂


I was pottering round the tunnel when I realised that the ECHINOPS ‘Ruthenicus’ were ready to be transplanted into 9 cm pots.

ECHINOPS Ruthenicus

So, armed with my trusty fork (!!) I managed to prick out the 11 seedlings really easily and they are now in their new homes.



3 thoughts on “Sowing and Transplanting

  1. I’ve always liked Marigolds. My personal fave is Tagetes tenuifolia “Lemon Gem”. Its a Mexican Marigold with an amazing smell!
    We got them at work one year and they went down a storm with everyone that came into the park. It was really upsetting when they flatly refused to grow them again. >.>

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