You win some, you lose some and some just don’t grow!

As I have been producing more trays of seedlings to go in the tunnel today, and I am rapidly running out of room, I have had to be a bit hard handed and discard some trays of seedlings that are not up to scratch or just not growing!

I am not an expert gardener by any stretch of the imagination and one of the most enjoyable things about horticulture for me is that you NEVER stop learning.  So, to this end, I am afraid I am going to have to hold my hands up and admit to some EPIC sowing fails.

I’m not sure exactly what has gone wrong, but there wasn’t even a sniff in any of these seed trays so I am afraid, they are for the chop!

GAZANIA ‘Tiger Mix’

GAZANIA Tiger Mix 080416

I have done 2 lots of sowings of these.  The first was at the end of January and the second was mid-February.  Out of 160 seeds sown into 40 cell trays, NOT A SINGLE seedling has germinated 😦

ERIGERON ‘Azure Fairy and Pink Jewel’


I followed the instructions to the letter with both of these trays and not a sausage!  Time to go!


DELPHINIUM Delight 080416

Nothing, absolutely NOTHING!!

So, as you can see, not everything has been successful. I am not put off by any stretch of the imagination and although I have no DELPHINIUM seeds left, I will try again with the ERIGERON and the GAZANIA’S.  Will keep you posted!!


5 thoughts on “You win some, you lose some and some just don’t grow!

  1. Welcome to my life.

    Seeds and me just don’t mix. If I plant 100 seeds at least 90% will fail. >.>

    BTW… It could well be that sometimes its not you… It could be that the seeds were duff. Not always, but its possible.

      • B-(

        I’ve had the same kind of thing happen. Not in those numbers, but not far off. It was tagetes for me. Still no idea what I did wrong…. Other than trying it seems! B-D

  2. I told you! Delphiniums SUCK to start from seed. I managed to get three or four started this year, and I’m amazed because I’ve NEVER had any succeed. But from what I’ve learned, you have to make sure that it’s very fresh/vital seed… and presoaks / nicking the seeds help immensely because the delphinium seeds have such hard/thick casings. Add in the fact that the standard germination time is something like 20 days… and it takes you forever to even find out that you failed. Most folks have said if they don’t sprout, not to give up – just throw them back in a fridge or a cool spot for a few weeks and then try again with the same pots. In nature apparently the need the freeze/thaw cycles to help crack those casings; but given how hard a time I have getting them to germinate I’m amazed that delphiniums continue to exist in the world.

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