Today has been mainly about sowing some more seeds as I am still behind my sowing plan and am desperately trying to catch up before everything needs transplanting into bigger modules.

I have sown quite a mix of seeds today and some of the flowers are going to look gorgeous.

Firstly, I sowed 2 more 40 cell trays of ZINNIA ‘Starlight Rose’.

Then, some CHRYSANTHEMUM ‘Sunshine Mix’.

Next, was a full sized seed tray of PAPAVER ‘Seriously Scarlet’

Followed by another full sized tray of PANSY ‘Giant Fancy Mix’

Then, a 40 cell tray of SUNFLOWER ‘Teddy Bear’

Next, a 40 cell tray of HELIANTHUS ‘Autumn Time’

Followed by a 40 cell tray of ZINNIA ‘Hot Mix’

Then, a full sized seed tray of RUDBECKIA ‘Gloriosa Daisy Mix’

And finally, a full sized seed tray of PAPAVER ‘Candyfloss’

What started out as me just sowing another batch of the ZINNIA’S ended up with me being practically chained to the sieve and fingers covered in compost (just the way I like it!)


4 thoughts on “Sowing

  1. I am impressed. I just sowed a few packets of seeds. I don’t have a greenhouse, but my neighbour has said I can have some space in hers. I don’t really understand why we have to plant in seed trays and then keep transplanting. Is it just because some seeds are so small that you can’t plant them individually? I planted my sweet peas in tubes and have already had to move them into pots as they were out the bottom. I might as well have put them in the large pots to start with. Or am I missing something? I wish I had more space for some of your lovely annuals. I am tempted by your Zinnia though.

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