Wendy’s first delivery :)

Today I took the first batch of plants round to Wendy’s which were ready to go into her garden:

Wendy's Plants 050416

The delivery consisted of

  • 10 x GEUM ‘Mrs Bradshaw’
  • 6 x VERBENA ‘Bonariensis’
  • 3 x AQUILEGIA ‘Black Barlow’

This little lot should keep her busy for a while!

I am sure with the beautifully sunny day we have had today that she would’ve already got these plants in and the next time I pop round there, I will take a photo for you to see her progress.  I can’t wait for the Summer, her garden is going to look spectacular!

And in other “Wendy” related news, she mentioned to me this morning that the tub of ‘daffodils’ I had mentioned in a previous post looked more like Allium to her.  Now Wendy would have you believe that she is very much an amateur gardener, but credit where credit is due, I came home, checked the pot and ta-dah:

Can’t wait to see them in bloom 🙂


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