eBay Plants 05/04/16

I have been asked by a few of my followers to put links on here to my plants for sale on eBay.  I’ll admit to being a bit nervous about doing this, as this wasn’t the idea for this blog when I started it, but I am so grateful for all of the positive comments that I have received about the plants that I have been growing and I can’t begin to put into words how much your encouragement means to me.

So, in order to try and strike some kind of balance, I have decided to post on here every Sunday which plants I have for sale currently.  Each post will be entitled “eBay Plants” followed by the current weeks’s date.  I intend to upload most of my new plants on Sundays so not only will this give my blog followers the “heads up” on what I am selling, but I will be using promotional discounts for my ‘followers’ only.  These will be detailed within the ‘Sunday’ posts.

ebay plants 220316

Now, I know it’s Tuesday, but these are the plants which I currently have ready for immediate despatch via eBay:

AQUILEGIA ‘Black Barlow’

CAMPANULA ‘Double White’

CAMPANULA ‘Double Pink’

CAMPANULA ‘Double Blue’

AUBRIETA ‘Red Cascade’


PRIMULA ‘Denticulata Mix’


SEDUM ‘Spurium’

That is currently everything I have for now, but I am planning to put several varieties of 2 litre perennial plants  on this Sunday, but at the moment, I am waiting for some elements of my packaging to arrive.

I hope you all find something you fancy 😉





6 thoughts on “eBay Plants 05/04/16

  1. Suggestion?

    If you don’t want to make a new post all the time because it seems a little crass…
    What about a top level page, like your ‘about’ page and my ‘bee spotting’ page, and keep that updated. You can update the page as needed and simply change the name of the page each week with the dates as you said above.
    That way it won’t appear in people’s timelines but is accessible to people that want it.

  2. Hi Bloomin’,
    I have two “outdoor” rooms on my homestead that I want to “bootify” this spring. They are both shady with acidic soil. I know a lot about vegetables, but next to nothing about flowers. What would you recommend that I plant in these two areas? (One area is the picnic table area and the other is my prayer/meditation garden with a fake wishing well and bench.) If you have any flowers/plants available suitable for these areas, please let me know the price list. You can email me at nancywolcott62@gmail.com. Thanks.

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