Liverwort – Grrr!

Thank you to everyone who helped me identify that the weed that seems to be rampantly growing in a lot of the plants I ordered is in fact LIVERWORT.  Having never come across it before, I am gob-smacked at how prolific it is and how it appears to have got into every variety of plants I ordered.

From 10 x 9 cm pots of DIANTHUS ‘Deltoides’  resulted in this impressive pile and even what looks like a stray POPPY.

LIVERWORT Dianthus 020416


The examples I found within the PULSATILLA ‘Mixed’ were particularly impressive.  There was also, again another variety of plant that didn’t belong in the pot. Again, the pile below is from just 10 x 9 cm pots!


Thankfully, only one of the AQUILEGIA ‘Black Barlow’ had any sign of the unwelcome imposter and that was quickly removed.

LIVERWORT Aquilegia Black Barlow 030416


There were a couple of pots of AUBRIETA ‘Red Cascade’ which I found some in too.


So all in all, I feel as though I now have a new nemesis!!!!


3 thoughts on “Liverwort – Grrr!

  1. If it’s so abundant, could it have come in with your compost rather than wind blown?

    Many compost companies now don’t irradiate it for wild seeds.

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