Aphids in my Anchusa’s :(

This morning whilst inspecting the plants to sell, I was having a good check on all the other pots I have growing in the tunnel and came across this:

ANCHUSA Aphids 020416

Little bleeders have taken up residence in practically all of my ANCHUSA ‘Blue Angels’ in all, about 50 pots 😦

ANCHUSA Aphids 0204162

Now, I am not a fan of pesticides, but when the need arises I like to try and use organic when I can so today’s weapon of choice has been this:

Organic Pesticide 020416

Fingers crossed it works although due to the sheer number of residents, I am sure I will have to do a second application – oh well, just something else to add to the to do list!!


5 thoughts on “Aphids in my Anchusa’s :(

  1. Feels weird ‘liking’ this one.

    Have you (can you?) quarantined the plants to stop the aphids spreading?

    Aphids in an enclosed space don’t have as many predators as they would in the open.
    *ponders* Are ladybugs out yet?

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