Been digging!

For the last couple of days I have been trying to make a dent in the work I need to do digging out the new lawn (well, first half anyway!).

Last time I was able to do any of it before the ground dried up too much, I got this far:

Garden 1803162

After yesterday and today’s efforts, it now looks like this:

Garden 310316

Not bad considering I have done all of this on my own with just a spade!  And for those of you wondering just how much soil I have moved so far, take a look at this pile!!

Soil pile 310316

I’m pleased because I can now see the ‘back line’ to the new lawn and can start working out where to put my raised flower bed.

In other news, the MARIGOLD ‘Durango Mix’ that I sowed on 22/03/16 have already started to germinate:

MARIGOLD Durango Mix 310316

And even better, the ECHINACEA ‘Pink Parasol’ which were sown on 29/02/16 are also showing signs of life 🙂

ECHINACEA Pink Parasol 310316

With another dry day being forecast for tomorrow, I have a feeling I will be adding to that soil pile 😉


7 thoughts on “Been digging!

  1. Thankyou for the add – I can see you’re a girl after my own heart – I’ve been digging holes in mud this month too. I’m actually really enjoying it 🙂

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