Surprise finds in the garden!

Having been pretty much in the tunnel for the last few days, I hadn’t really had the chance to have a good potter round the garden to see what was occurring.

It’s quite surprising what a few days of sunshine and then a good downpour of rain will encourage out of the soil.

Firstly DAFFODILS.  The bulbs that I had found around the garden and potted up for safe keeping have produced lovely green foliage, but as of yet, not even the slightest sign of a bud.

Pot Daffs 290316

What I was surprised to find were the two clumps of  DAFFODILS that had been growing without my knowledge down the side of the polytunnel.  Unfortunately, no signs of buds here either, but they were an unexpected find.

Tunnel Daffs 290316

It would appear my ongoing fight with my arch nemesis, MUSCARI is still far from over.  They are springing up all over the place and something I really must get on top of.

I have a patch of lovely little yellow VIOLETS which are in completely the wrong place, but have added a welcome splash of colour to an otherwise baron landscape.

VIOLETS 290316

I have a HONEYSUCKLE (again, in the wrong place!!) which has spurted into life and has shot up from literally no where.  I had hoped to get this moved over the Winter, but as with most things, I ran out of time.

Honeysuckle 290316.jpg

In germination news, my first TOMATO seed has germinated 🙂

Tomato 290316


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