Rain :)

Not much to report today from BBHQ.  Been one of those days, were I seemed to be busy from the moment I woke up, but haven’t really got anything to show for it.

My OSTEOSPERMUM ‘Akila Mix’ have finally started germinating properly.  These have taken a little longer than I expected, but they seem to be catching up now.

OSTEOSPERMUM Akila Mix 240316

I have sown another lot of PANSY ‘Giant Fancy Mix’ as they are always such a popular choice for Summer bedding.

Pansy 240316

It has rained today, although not as much as expected, for the first time in about 2 weeks.  I for one am pleased as I am hoping there has been enough of it to penetrate the ground a little so that I can carry on tomorrow digging out the rest of my new lawn.  I tried to do a bit yesterday, but the ground was that hard, it was like trying to put the space through brick!

Does anyone else still have a POINSETTIA still living from Christmas?  Mine is still hanging on in there, although to be fair, is certainly passed it’s best now.


In other news, look what Mum bought me today 🙂

Mums Roses 240316


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