125 Plants nearly ready :)

This morning I have been in the tunnel sorting out the first lot of plants that I want to put on eBay.  I was really pleased to find that there are a total of 125 that are nearly ready, I am just waiting for the roots to grow a little bit more.

The following varieties are going to be the first ones I will sell:

  • AUBRIETA ‘Blue’
  • Gaillardia ‘Burgunder’
  • PRIMULA ‘Denticulata’
  • CAMPANULA ‘Double Blue’
  • CAMPANULA ‘Double Pink’
  • CAMPANULA ‘Double White’
  • AUBRIETA ‘Red Cascade’
  • SEDUM ‘Spurium’
  • AQUILEGIA ‘Black Barlow’
  • POTENTILLA ‘Miss Wilmott’
  • POTENTILLA ‘Monarch’s Velvet’

Both of the AUBRIETA’S have started to flower and it’s nice to see some colour in the tunnel.

Some more of the seeds have sown have started to germinate 🙂

I now have little seedlings of both RUDBECKIA ‘Rustic Dwarfs Mix’ and TANACETUM ‘T&M Single Mix’.




6 thoughts on “125 Plants nearly ready :)

  1. Argh… Forgot to ask.
    The Tradescantia… Which is it? There is a HUGE difference between the Zebrina and the Virginiana and neither of them look anything like the Pallida. Thanks!

  2. Congratulations – they look amazing. I am looking forward to reading back on your blog to find out how you set up your polytunnel, I am sure I will learn a lot 🙂

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