11 Day Catch Up (Part 2)

So as well as all the business side of stuff I have been doing, I have actually managed to get in the garden and carry on with some of the work needed for the re-design.

What started out looking like this:

Garden 180316

Now looks like this:

Garden 1803162

I managed to fill about 35 waste bags and once I ran out of those, I took to piling up the moved earth ready to refill them once they are empty.

Garden 1803163

The area I am attempting to flatten out is where the new lawn is going to go.  You can see from the picture below how much of a slope there is in this area so the amount of soil that will need to be removed is unbelievable!

Garden 1803164

I hope to crack on with some more next week, but (and I can’t believe I am going to say this!), but due to the lack of rain, the soil is now SOLID so I am going to have to wait until we get a shower before I will be able to get the spade through it.


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