Not my weeds!

Having a good old inspection of the plants that I ordered for sale, I noticed that a couple of them have come with complimentary weeds!!  How bloody annoying!!!

One of the AUBRIETA ‘Blue’ appears to have a sample of CHICKWEED lodging in it.


As far as the PULSATILLA is concerned, I genuinely have no idea what is growing in the pot.

PULSATILLA Mixed 040316

I have looked it up, but can’t find anything to identify it.  Doesn’t look very nice though, does it??!!

I have done a bit more sowing today – some ZINNIA ‘Starlight Rose’.  These are a lovely flower and I have grown them before.

And finally, I actually managed to make a start on my home produce today.  A little bit behind, but I got some PEPPER (Sweet) ‘Colour Spectrum’ into a cell tray.

PEPPERS 040316

I will catch up if it kills me!!!


6 thoughts on “Not my weeds!

  1. This is the problem with companies using and reusing compost or topsoil.. It has weeds in them. Not many irradiate them to kill any seeds.
    In the council the weeds were RAMPANT in the bedding plants because the soil was all reused.

    And is the mystery weed speedwell?

  2. The weed with your Aubrieta is willowherb and it probably blew in as seed rather than being in the compost. Pointless using sterile compost if you let weeds seed in and around your crop.

  3. Even so called sterile peat composts often produce a crop of weeds such as birch seedlings, heather, rush and willow. I often find that when a weed grows in the pot the young plants actually benefit at first because the weeds help prevent overwatering. Of course, later on the weeds increase the water need of the pot and so the plant declines unless you pull the weed out. But at first it seems the plants like the company!

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