Catching up (again!!!)

I finally managed to make it up to Mums today to check on the seeds that I put in her greenhouse to germinate.

All 4 trays of the CLEOME ‘Rose Queen’ have started to germinate with a good handful of new growth in each tray 🙂

CLEOME Rose Queen 260216

The DIANTHUS ‘Panda Mix’ are really coming on now and I can’t imagine it will be too much longer before I need to transplant them into 40 cell trays.

DIANTHUS Panda Mix 260216

The biggest surprise was the ECHINOPS Ruthenicus’ which I wasn’t expecting to see any movement on for another couple of weeks, bur they already look like this!

ECHINOPS Ruthenicus 260216

I am off up to the tunnel now to do some moving around to make room for some of the trays I need to bring back from Mums.  I also need to sieve some more compost and hopefully get some seeds sown.  Will update you later!!


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