Overnight Growth!

It’s amazing isn’t it how one minute you can have an empty seed tray or pot and then the next morning there are signs of life!

My SWEET PEA ‘Su Pollard’ have started to germinate!

SWEET PEA Su Pollard 250216

Also, my LEUCANTHEMUM ‘Fiona Coghill’ which yesterday had barely visible growth now look like this!

LEUCANTHEMUM Fiona Coghill 250216

On a slightly slower note, my PEONY that I re-potted back before Christmas is finally showing some green signs of life 🙂

Peony 250216

Absolutely love this flower and can’t wait to see it bloom!


2 thoughts on “Overnight Growth!

  1. One of the many reasons I love gardening is that you get almost instant results! Watching how vigorously those little seedlings grow gives you so much hope! I haven’t gotten around to planting flowers yet, but I know I want to start it someday. I feel like flowers help me enjoy the simpler things in life. Best of luck!!


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