Aster Disaster!

Following on from my post a couple of weeks ago, where I mentioned that I was concerned about the state of some of my ASTER ‘Duchess Yellow’, I am afraid I am going to have to admit defeat to a whole tray of them 😦

ASTER Duchess Yellow 170216

They have all practically died in one particular tray for which I have no idea why as it was a clean tray, cared for in exactly the same way as all the others – which still look like this:

ASTER Duchess Yellow 1702162

But it would seem that they are destined to never bloom.  I am going to have to keep an eye on the remaining two trays as some of the seedlings seem to be turning slightly yellow.

On another worrying note, the same thing seems to be happening to a one of the five trays of LARKSPUR ‘Giant Imperial Mix’.


All four other trays look healthy and are coming on great guns, but the one particular tray above just looks, well, depressed!  Another tray to keep an eye on!

Finally on the “concerns list” are my GYPSOPHILA ELEGANS ‘Covent Garden White’.


They look so straggly and I have no idea why they look so ‘unsettled’ in their cells.  Also, if you look closely, it looks as if something has actually walked over the tray due to the indents in the compost – ????

In much more positive news, there are a couple more varieties of plants from my order which are starting to show growth 🙂

Firstly, one of the GERANIUM ‘Hardy Mix’ has broken through the soil.

GERANIUM Mix 170216

Okay, so it is a little bit “blink and you’ll miss it”, but there is definitely something there. (For those unsure, due to the crappy focus, it’s the three little white blobs!)

The ECHINACEA ‘Hot Papaya’ have also sprouted!

ECHINACEA Hot Papaya 170216

These are Wendy’s but I’m still pleased there is life to be shared!

So, although slow, progress is being made.  I am dying to get out in the garden and carry on with my re-design, but due to weather and Will being home from school on half term at the moment, it’ll probably be next week before I can get out there again.


7 thoughts on “Aster Disaster!

  1. I’m with AnnetteM above; it appears, from the yellowing on the leaves that they like dryer soil. I use a tobacco growing system (float trays) for my vegetables, which I tried using for herbs and flowers but found they definately don’t like that much access to water. I’ve thrown away several trays over the years trying. Let us know if you try again. Happy Gardening.

  2. Oh noes…

    I hope they spring back.
    As mentioned above… Could it be too much water?

    Are the light levels ok for that plant (Too much rather than not enough)?

    Don’t let it get you down. Keep going!

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