Germination :)

Finally, some of the seeds I have sown have started to germinate and I’m pleased to say it has given me hope that Spring is finally on the way 🙂

The ANTIRRHINUM ‘Tom Thumb’ seeds that were sown on 11th January are popping up and saying hello!

ANTIRRHINUM Tom Thumb 140216

And so are the ANTIRRHINUM ‘Liberty Classic’ ones that were also sown on 11th January.

ANTIRRHINUM Liberty Classic 140216

The DIANTHUS ‘Panda Mix’ seeds which were sown on 14th January are also doing really well.

DIANTHUS Panda Mix 140216

Several of the BIDENS ‘Golden Eye’ are also looking really strong (and remarkably quite tall!)  These were also sown on 11th January.

BIDENS Golden Eye 140216

And in other news… some of the plants that I potted off last week are growing incredible quickly!!

I can’t get over the amount of growth in these in such a short space of time!

AUBRIETA Blue 140216

Aubrieta ‘Blue’

CAMPANULA Double White 140216

CAMPANULA ‘Double White’

GAILLARDIA Burgunder 140216

GAILLARDIA ‘Burgunder’

POTENTILLA Miss Wilmott 140216

POTENTILLA ‘Miss Wilmott’


4 thoughts on “Germination :)

  1. Waiting and watching for seeds to germinate is the most fun part of growing your own plants. I’ve just come in from pricking out some seedlings so I’m feeling very contented.

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