Glorious Sunshine!

What a beautiful day to be outside!  It may be a bit chilly and there was a frost this morning, but the sunshine is just such a treat!

Started my morning huddled in the man cave sieving some more compost for sowing seeds as I had completely ran out again.

Once done, I sowed some more ANTIRRHINUM ‘Liberty Classic, ANTIRRHINUM ‘Tom Thumb’ and my first tray of the year of PANSY ‘Giant Fancy Mix’.

A wander up to the tunnel gave me the chance to check on the growth of some of the plants which I potted up last week.

The growth on some of the varieties is remarkable!

The HEMEROCALLIS ‘Highland Lord’ are all sprouting shoots (although this isn’t really surprising as the ones I have in the pots in the garden are already 6 inches tall!)

HEMEROCALLIS Highland Lord 110216

The PAPAVER ‘Miss Piggy’ have got lovely thick green leaves, already at least 3 cm tall.

PAPAVER Miss Piggy 110216

The EUPHORBIA ‘Fire Glow’ are looking beautifully lush and green with shoots also about 3 -4 cm tall.

EUPHORBIA Fireglow 110216

And finally, the PHLOX ‘Paniculata Mix’ are just breaking through the surface.

PHLOX Mix 110216

And then I started digging!

I wanted to see just how low the level of the new lawn was going to be.  These photos don’t do the job needing to be done justice, but it’s looking like I am going to have to dig down by about 2 feet at the top of the slope!

These pictures are at the front of the garden (flattest part) and this area needs to go down by 6 inches as it is!


3 thoughts on “Glorious Sunshine!

  1. one suggestion is to get a small tiller and break up the soil and airate it a little.

    Moving hard packed soil is back breaking. Moving nice broken up so is so much easier. You may be able to just throw it or rake it when broken up.

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