Seedlings :)

Had a wander up to the the tunnel this morning to check on the seedlings.  Glad I did as some of them are showing signs of, well, death!

They have been in the tunnel now for 2 days and on the whole the majority of the seedlings are thriving in their new home.  We have been blessed with periods of sun so they have relished the warmth and light the tunnel is providing them.  That is, apart from the ASTER ‘Duchess Yellow’. I would say at least 30% of them are either dying back or in some cases, look like they have been food for someone!!

ASTER Duchess Yellow 300116

I’m gutted as these were a variety I wanted for my own garden.  I have given them a light watering and will just have to keep a close eye on them for the next few days to see what happens.  I have had a good look and I can’t see any ‘nasties’ lurking around, so hopefully no further damage will be done and they will start to pick up again.

On the plus side, the LARKSPUR ‘Giant Imperial Mixed’ are thriving!  The growth on these in the last couple of days has been remarkable!!


The GYPSOPHILA ELEGANS ‘Covent Garden’ are recovering now from when they were transplanted are are finally standing tall.

The CANDYTUFT ‘Dwarf Fairyland Mix’ are also coming on in leaps and bounds.


On the whole, I am really pleased.  I have some seedlings to bring back from Mums early next week which need a bit of TLC, but at the moment there is still plenty of room to grow more 🙂


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