Sunshine, Potting and Digging :)

Waking up to a dry, sunny morning is always a pleasant surprise this time of year so once I had dropped Will off at school, there was some serious green-fingered activities to do.

As it was still a bit nippy outside, I started my morning by re-potting some GAILLARDIA ‘F1 Bi-colour’ and some BUDDLEJA ‘Mixed’.

Both varieties were in a bit of a state and needed a good tidy up.  There was even a MUSCARI bulb growing in one of the pots!


After a quick tidy up, the plants looked fab so after giving them a good feed, they are now ready to go back outside.

Most of my ‘bits’ are still in the mancave as the polytunnel is still having some final ‘tweaks’ however, with is being so sunny, and knowing that the tunnel was going to be warm, my next couple of hours were spent in pure bliss setting things up in there.

The flooring is now down, the staging is more or less up and I have even got some of the plants out of the temporary greenhouse and mini grow-houses now inside and happily soaking up the sun and warmth.

And then, as the sun was still out (although, the breeze was picking up quite significantly by this point), I decided to do some digging 🙂

The area under the pylon still needs a lot of work, so I pretty much carried on from where I left off last time.

Unfortunately I only managed to work outside for a little over an hour before the rain started which was really frustrating as I was on a roll.

GARDEN 280116

On the plus side, the area certainly looks flatter now and fingers crossed I have got rid of all the MUSCARI from this area!


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