Can I firstly apologise for my last 2 or 3 posts.  I have been feeling down (stomach bug didn’t help) and after re-reading what I have posted over the last week, I realised just how miserable my posts have been.  I guess the grey clouds had rolled in without me realising and although I was still able to do something I love, I just wasn’t enjoying it or quite myself.

But with the realisation that I need to pick myself back up – sometimes, that’s all it takes, I have made positive progress today at getting back on track.

I checked the plants that I wanted to re-pot this morning and unfortunately they are still that little bit too wet for me to work with, so I will do these tomorrow.  I have Gaillardia, Buddleja and Hollyhocks to do and judging by the look of the Hollyhocks, the Nemesia “Poetry Mix” have decided to spread their wings and set up home as Squatters in the Hollyhock (Alcea Rose) pots – GRRR!

So, unable to do what I had originally planned, I decided to plant some more seeds.  After being ill last week I am behind on this so need to catch up with myself.

Firstly, my second sowing of my ANTIRRHINUM’S ‘Liberty Classic‘ and ‘Tom Thumb‘.  I still have thousands of these seeds and as they are such a popular variety for bedding plants, I thought it best to do a second sowing of each variety.

ANTIRRHINUM Seeds 260116

Even though they are not one of my favourite plants, they do always seem to sell well.

Next, a plant I am really fond of for adding “wow factor” to the front of beds; GAZANIA ‘Tiger Mix’.


I did two 40 cell trays of these and as I have plenty of seeds left over, I will do another sowing in the next 2 weeks.  These seeds came from Mum and were from plants she had growing in her garden last year.

Lastly, were the SWEET PEA ‘Percy Thrower’ that H gave me.  The packet said average contents of 20, but I was lucky enough to get 29 out of them.  Due to their neutral colour, with just a hint of pink, I may keep these for myself and use them to collect more seeds for next year 🙂

Oh, and one more thing – BB HQ (polytunnel) now looks like this 🙂 🙂 🙂

Polytunnel 260116

Am hoping to get in there tomorrow and get everything sorted.  We currently have rain and strong winds so am going to wait until things are a little calmer and hopefully give the battered garden a tidy up to.  My compost bin has already moved 6 feet from where it was this morning!!!


One thought on “BB HQ

  1. It’s YOUR blog – so tell it like it is 🙂 and if certain readers don’t like certain bits of it, well – so what ?! You are not a performing pony, you are real person blogging your real life. And a real life is full of ups AND downs. All equally valid, and all equally important and all perfectly ok to write about here 🙂 Glad you’re feeling better but don;t forget the only person you really need to please here is yourself 🙂

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