Catching Up!

Feeling better and armed with my to-do-list from yesterday, today has been a much more productive day 🙂

To be honest, just having my hands and nails covered in compost has made me feel better!

First on the list today was CAMPANULA ‘Carpatica Blue‘.  These were already in their 9 cm pots, but needed tidying up and feeding.  There were also a few specimens which needed to be disposed of as they had given up the will to live.

Campanula 180116

I ended up with 41 healthy looking plants which are now fed and back outside to do their thing!

Next were the VERBENA ‘bonariensis’.  Some of these plants were already in their 9 cm pots, but some were in some random 10 inch ones I had to use as I ran out of the 9 cm ones at the time of transplanting.

Verbena bonariensis 230116

These VERBENA had shown signs of powdery mildew and after a treatment a few weeks ago, they have recovered well although some of the stems were a bit baron on leaves so, unfortunately some of the plants needed a rather severe trim.  There were also some that had literally just rotted in their pots due to the volume of rain we have had this winter.

Verbena bonariensis 2301162

After tidying up, re-potting and feeding, I was left with 24 healthy plants.  They may look a little small, but they look nice and healthy and I am hopeful they will bounce back in time to flower in July.

Onto SHASTA DAISY ‘Alaska’.  I had put these plants undercover in one of the mini-grow-houses 10 days ago to dry out and they were still soaking wet – GRRR!

Shasta Daisy Alaska 230116

I have tidied them up and they are now sat on the kitchen windowsill (!!) drying out enough for me to feed them before I place them back outside.  I’m pleased to say I have 9 lovely looking plants from these 🙂

Finally onto GERANIUM ‘Derrick Cook’.  These poor buggers looked awful and I genuinely thought I had lost the lot 😦

Geranium Derrick Cook 230116

Then, on closer inspection, a number of the plants were showing signs of growth!

Geranium Derrick Cook 2301162

After going through all of the pots, I ended up with 8 hopefuls 🙂

Geranium Derrick Cook 2301163


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